Abuse in Adoptive Homes

Some of you pound pups out there may remember me...it's been quite awhile since I've been back here. I did complete my Guardian Ad Litem program back in January, but due to a mix-up in my car insurance papers and what the court needs my papers to say...I'm currently waiting to take my first case. However, those interested, I firmly encourage you to complete the training. It opened my eyes...about myself and what my abuse has done to me and how I now experiance life. I'm also currently obtaining my Bachelor's degree in Social Work,Children's Studies,and Psycology so that I can work in a children's home when I graduate. In my Intro to Social Work class I'm currently working on a paper about abuse in adoptive homes. If anyone knows some good articles ect. please let me know and I will see about including them in my paper. Thanks!


Most recent reported findings

A report titled Severe Abuse of Adopted Children was released in September, 2012, and made public this October.  You can find both, the news article announcing the report, and the report itself, at those highlighted links.

In addition, there is an older report published by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute.   Adoptive Parent Preparation Project was published in 2008.

Last, but not least, you might find the book, How to Screen Adoptive and Foster Parents, (written by James L. Dickerson, Mardi Allen, and Daniel Pollack), a wee bit insightful and interesting and related to your work/study. 

I hope those resources help! 

Best wishes....   ~k

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