British Government Reacts To Child Snatching Allegations

Date: 2012-09-25

Today, the British government has released the following statement in reaction to information published in Slovak media. Here is the full unedited version.

We strongly rebut the allegations against the social services in the UK made by the Slovak media. Social services in the UK are among the best-regulated in the world.

We cannot comment on individual cases, as we have a legal responsibility to protect the privacy of the children involved, but any involvement of local authorities is based on full and fair assessments. The management of all cases involving families must follow the full legal processes, which includes the involvement of Britain’s internationally-respected courts.

We want to reasure all Slovak citizens, that British Social Services only take children into care when they have serious concerns about the wellbeing of the child. For British Social Services and the independent legal system, protection and welfare of children is the highest priority.

It is Social Services’ primary duty to protect children, and children are only taken into care when there is serious concern for their safety. Children will be returned to families if Social Services, and the UK courts, determine that there is no risk to their welfare. We respect the presumption of innocence and at the same time we respect all decisions of independent courts.


British Government

For our own Government to state that they only intervene where they deem it of the utmost importance to remove a child is a comment that I can only reply to stating it was made to cover their own backs due to the interference from EU courts.

Between 2007 and 2013 32,000+ babies were removed for adoption, often blaming the mother for failing to safeguard their child. In some cases maybe but with the increase of UK children being removed on the flimsiest of excuses such as (in one case I researched)
The 6 month old couldn't use a knife and fork and was eating to much fruit! Another was the parents inability to predict if their 9 year old daughter would rebel as she reached puberty. Due to the fact those parents could't foresee that, they were tagged as incapable parents and their child was removed.

11,000 children a year have been taken in to the child protection system. We know American Venture Capitalists are moving in on adoption here in the UK as David Cameron - Prime Minister (not that he even deserves that title) is pushing to speed up adoption and privatising any failing local authority, to which there is many! I can only see that figure increasing at a very fast pace regardless of which State or City you come from.

I have endless amounts of parents contact me, all saying the same thing. Social Workers stated I abused my child, my baby has gone for 'forced adoption and I'm never going to see her again.

The above statement is blatantly an insult to all UK parents that have and still are being abused by the very system sworn to protect.
I will continue to research and report on UK child protection services through all outlets available to me, to which I have done so already.

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