Kyrgyzstan’s intelligence agencies release corrupt scheme of foreign adoptions

September 6, 2012 /

Intelligence agencies of Kyrgyzstan have released a corrupt scheme of child adoption by foreign citizens, Anti-Corruption Service under the State Committee for National Security (GKNB) informed news agency .

According to the Anti-Corruption Service (ACS), the scheme looks like: a foreign married couple pays for adoption services from $35 to $50 thousands to a firm. This sum is spent on receiving of Kyrgyzstan’s staying visa and settling of legal issues. In its turn, every foreign international adoption organization gets certificate for the right to engage in this activity in Kyrgyzstan. As to investigation, officials of the Ministry of Social Development for Adoption receive $15-20 thousand bribe for providing the certificate.

The service points, that at least 10 firms have gained certificates for the right to work only in 2012 and every if them has planned to take abroad 15-20 Kyrgyz children. Moreover, officials of the Ministry of Social Development get up to $2 thousand for every referral for acquaintance of a couple with a child. A thousand dollars “tariff” has been also fixed for findings about the proposed adoption for a court.

Remind, that Gulnara Derbisheva, Director of Department of Social Services under the Ministry of Social Development has been arrested for taking $7 thousand bribe by officials of the Anti-Corruption Service the other day. The official is under arrest at the Pre-Trial Detention Center of GKNB on resolution of Pervomay District Court.

As to ACS, Gulnara Derbisheva, taking the post of deputy head of the department in 2011, has extorted large scale bribes (about $30 thousand) for illegal issuance of permits on adoption of children by foreigners from international organizations. She was charged with extortion and taking bribes in especially big amount.

Earlier on, Ravshan Sabirov, Ex-Head of the Ministry of Social Development has been charged with extortion of a bribe in especially large amount from an international organization for issue of a license. Criminal case against him has been submitted to court, the first session has been scheduled for September 12, 2012.


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