Child Trafficking… Parents Complain to Journalists

Date: 2012-08-28

Biological parents in the on-going trial involving local Non-Governmental Organization, Help a Needy Child International (HANCI) have expressed resentment over the lackluster attitudes and inadequate coverage by court reporters towards the trials.  The aggrieved parents stormed our ace reporter after last Friday’s proceedings and alleged that court reporters are suspected to have accepted hand-outs from HANCI officials to keep a sealed lip on the court proceeding with a view to keep the public and other interested parties in oblivion.

Abu Bakarr Kargbo, spokesman for the biological parent lamented that the media is expected to be pivotal in dispensing justice while keeping the public abreast with the ongoing trials. He disclosed that last Friday was the eighth appearance in court and on many instances, journalists would ignore their pleas for media coverage on the matter and in situations where interviews were obtained from aggrieved parents, there had hardly been any publication on it.

“Although the trials have attracted the attention of some international media organizations, we want our local communities and other interested people to be au fait with the proceedings as the outcome is expected to serve as a lesson and deterrent to such dastardly acts. “

It could be recalled that top officials of HANCI are standing trial before Magistrate Komba Kamanda of Magistrate Court number 2 upon the findings and recommendations of the Hon. Justice A Showers Commission of Inquiry.


Media's role in creating biased opinions

What-ever would the adoption industry do if media did not favor the Adoptive Parent Savior mantra and motif?

For decades, birth parents of adoptees have been depicted as low-life alcoholic drug using degenerates, selfish child abusers, irresponsible sluts with no respectable future, dead-beat dads, and/or poverty-stricken people who reproduce like rabbits without any regard for their children's future.  At best, the stereo-type birth-parent is a teen, who loves the unborn child so much, that parent chooses an adoption plan for the child (ridding the child, forever) over family preservation, (because here is the sub-text message: the latter family option requires the help of financially secure supportive parents, a rarity it seems, in this day and age.)

For decades, many of us adoptees have had to hear the absolute worst about our own parents and extended family members, whether those character summations and life-style descriptions are or were true and correct, or not.  [In many cases, we adoptees learn later in our adult lives the stories told about our birth-parents are as ficticious and falsified as our once hidden but found adoption records and associated "legal" birth documents indicate and prove.]

And so we find ourselves in the year of 2012, an era of adoption where ICA numbers are on the continuing down-slope, and reports of illegal adoptions are on the rise.

How should this crime, this collection of facts and information about birth parents being ripped and stripped from their children, by paid members/facilitators of the adoption industry, be reported around the globe?

What does the public, and perhaps more importantly members of Adoptionland, have a right to know about the adoption process, the manufactured orphan's experience, and how a first-parent is portrayed?

The way I see it, the adoption industry, strongest in the USA, cannot afford too many more disturbing stories featuring the really unappealing side of an adoption plan. [Aren't Disrupted Adoption stories, doing enough damage to adoptees and adoption agencies these days?] 

The way I see it, the American-friendly adoption industry cannot withstand too many critical and reputable media outlets featuring the truth about a new and different type of birth-parent adopters and adoptees never really knew before.

The way I see it, the adoption industry, catering to the wants, needs, and demands of foreign PAPs, cannot risk the fact that more and more (not fewer and fewer) birth parents are becoming victims of adoption scams/schemes that revolve around forced adoption, kidnapping (or baby stealing),  and other forms of corrupt adoption practice.  

The way I see it, such truths reported by the media will hurt the adoption industry and these investigated and confirmed reports will make business very bad and complicated, especially if you happen to be an executive of a popular adoption agency, or a busy/popular adoption lawyer.

For the sake of all the non-adoptable children being gathered and placed in growing orphanages, (where each "foundling" gets re-labeled as "orphan", and each so-called orphan brings with it nice forced donation fees paid by relatively wealthy foreigners wanting a healthy/not sexually abused child), I can only hope and pray today's investigative journalists will be brave, and not heed the call to sugar coat the horrific wrong-doings being done to good first parents, all because an adoption plan has been made.

These victimized parents -- good loving parents who love their children -- deserve to have their stories heard and reported because they are losing their parental rights all because in places like the USA, the story about saving the poor orphan (and it's sister-story, The Orphan Crusade) really sells in media darlings like women's magazines and television news programs.

Yes.... when I read this unfortunate update about the on-going problems found in Sierra Leone, it reaffirmed my belief that today's first-parents and their forced-into-adoption "orphans" deserve so much better, and so much more, not just from the media itself, but from the general public, as well.  

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