More Details In The Death Of A 2-Year Old

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Date: 2012-07-19

By Tyler MAY

CHICO, Calif. -
New details about the prominent Chico couple accused of killing their 2-year old adopted son.

District Attorney Mike Ramsey revealed new details in the case prior to the accident that took Benjamin's life.

Ramsey says that along with Benjamin being treated for extreme malnutrition and a broken leg there were also reports of black eyes, missing teeth, and brusing.

Ben's dad is Dr. Peter James Yhip who has a private cardiology practice in Chico at 198 Cohasset Drvie. He is also staffed at Enloe Medical Center and his wife, Edelyn, also works at Enloe as a nurse.

We asked Ramsey why Child Protective Services were not called for Ben's prior incidents. Ramsey says it was because of the Yhip's professions.

"Quite frankly because the Yhips had logical excuses and the Yhips were medical professionals. People were more want to accept those excuses," says Ramsey.

Ramsey also pointed out that Child Protective Services didn't receive complaints about the Yhips.

There were many red flags as investigators looked through more than a year's worth of medical records.

The Yhips will be arraigned tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Butte County Superior Court.


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