Benjamin Yhip

   Benjamin Yhip - Taiwan

2-year-old boy adopted from Taiwan along with his twin brother by Dr. James Peter Yhip and Edelyn Magakat Yhip was killed by blunt force trauma to his head. Previously the boy had been hospitalized for malnutrition and broken bones.  Their daughter was adopted from China.
Both parents were arrested on suspicion of murder with Edelyn believed to have caused the head trauma.
Date: 2012-04-18
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Lethal physical abuse
Abuser: Adoptive mother


Chico, California
United States
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I do not believe these

I do not believe these loving christian parents have caused any harm to any of their children.


Notice how absolutely nothing has happened in this case in the nearly three years since the child died? The reason for this is that the grandstanding, try-the-case-in-the-newspaper DA has NO CASE, yet refuses to drop the charges while he tries desperately to find evidence that doesn't exist. The poor kid had a genetic issue, as clearly evinced by his extensive medical history.

Dr and Mrs Yhip

Whatever happened in this country to innocent until proven guilty? These people took their child to the Drs over and over again because he was sick from the time they adopted him. They are innocent! A supreme court judge even says He believes the charges should be dropped. Their other children have been returned to their care. Stop calling people murderers when they are anything but!

Do the right thing and drop the charges

They should do the right thing and drop the charges. Sounds more political to me than someone looking for the truth. The truth is these absolutely amazing parents did not harm their child! They are the best parents I have ever seen and I look up to them. They do not deserve this living hell they are being put through still and neither do their children! This family has been through hell and all I have seen from them is the strongest and most loving people I have ever known. I wish and hope I can only be half as an amazing parent as they are.


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