CAPTURED: Sandra Noemí Maldonado Velásquez

Sandra Noemí Maldonado Velásquez, the woman who fraudulently pretended to be the relinquishing mother of the child Anyelí Rodríguez (Karen Abigail) who was kidnapped from her home and sold into ICA is captured and in jail without bond.


Survivors Foundation extends an invitation for the hearing of first statement of Mrs Sandra Naomi Maldonado Velásquez, for her alleged involvement in the case of the irregular adoption of the girl Anyelí Liseth Hernández Rodríguez. And used the false identity and posed as the mother using the name, "Felícita Lopez Garcia" to facilitate the illegal adoption of the child who was submitted to adoption with falsified paperwork and a laundered name.

The hearing will take place on the 4th Court of 1st instance criminal, this April 16. There is no estimated time for the appearance of the syndicated, hopefully on or after 8: 30 am.

Maldonado Velasquez was captured in area 18 of the city of Guatemala on April 12, and she is charged with the crimes of trafficking in persons, unlawful association, ideological falsification and alteration of marital status:ón-Sobrevivientes/115738348496365

On this illicit crime there are several individuals prosecuted and there was conviction for two others involved who are currently serving time in prison:

The child was kidnapped November 3, 2006 in the garden of her home in San Miguel Petapa, Guatemala.
She was then sold into ICA with false documents and processed by the orphanage and attorneys at Casa Primavera, with the laundered name of Karen Abigail Lopez Garcia, when the DNA test failed. She was then declared abandoned by Judge Peralta in a court in Escuintla, Guatemala. She was adopted by an American couple, the Monahans of Liberty, Missouri:

The parents in Guatemala have identified the child as her child and the mother Loyda Rodriguez's DNA matched a DNA test that was done using the child's former DNA sample from the US based lab known as Labcorp:

The court in Guatemala has annulled the adoption of the kidnapped child, Karen Abigail Lopez Garcia and requested the return of the kidnapped child:

Child's Actual DOB: October 1, 2004

To date the adoptive family has refused to cooperate.


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