Children adopted by Kenneth H. Brandt

Three boys, 2 adopted and 1 pre-adoptive placement were raped by single father Kenneth H. Brandt. He allowed two other men to have sex with one of the boys. Brandt had adopted/gotten custody the 3 boys and a girl from Texas in 2011. The children briefly enrolled in public education, but were removed from school, to be home-schooled. Prior to the adoptive placements, Brandt had at least 6 foster children in his home.

Brandt pleaded guilty to 6 counts of rape and was sentenced to 60 years.
Date: 2011-03-01
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse, Sexual exploitation
Abuser: Adoptive father, Foster father
Home schooling: yes


Organizations: ACTION Inc


Troy, Ohio
United States
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Man used private Dayton adoption agency in alleged child rape, prostitution case2012-03-01
FBI to pursue charges against 3 men in child sex case2012-03-01
Accused rapist in process of adopting 4th child in alleged rape, prostitution case2012-03-01
Bond set for several men in child sex case2012-03-01
Man accused of child rape2012-03-01
Rape case ongoing, Troy man held in recent investigation2012-03-01
Ohio investigates adoption agency amid rape case2012-03-03
Troy man waved right to hearing in child sex case2012-03-06
Child-rape case shows safeguards failed2012-03-12
Ohio adoptive dad indicted on 31 counts of rape2012-03-15
Brandt's request for new attorney denied2012-06-11
Brandt's adoptions not connected with agency violations, director says2012-09-01
Prosectors seek to allow boy in rape case to testify more privately2012-10-31
Brandt pleads guilty to six rape charges2012-11-02
Ohio rebukes agency's intern use2012-12-06
60 years for Troy adoptive father, child rapist2012-12-17
Ohio child rapist: ‘I always wanted to protect kids’2013-02-25


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