Twins adopted by Sandra Weller

16-year-old twin boy and girl adopted at age 2 from The Philippines by Sandra Weller  had food systematically withheld and were physically abused by Sandra and stepfather, Jeffrey Weller. Sandra's first husband Tim Graf is their legal father.
Date: 2011-10-20
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Non-lethal physical abuse, Non-lethal deprivation
Abuser: Adoptive father, Adoptive mother, Other family member
Home schooling: yes


Vancouver, Washington
United States
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State settles lawsuit by abused Weller children2014-10-10
Vancouver couple sentenced for imprisoning, beating adopted twins2013-03-20
Local couple guilty in child abuse case sentenced to 20 years2013-03-20
Report links rash of abuse, state adoption policy flaws2012-10-20
State officials investigating several cases of abuse of adopted children2012-01-14
New charges possible in alleged abuse of twins2011-11-14
Vancouver abuse case of caged twins sparks unlikely friendship2011-10-27
Custody of allegedly abused twins taken from adoptive parents2011-10-20
Couple accused of beating, starving and imprisoning adopted teenage twins2011-10-20
CPS, neighbors reported abuse suspicions starting in 20042011-10-20
Vancouver abuse arrests followed 9 investigations2011-10-20
Jeffrey and Sandra Weller, Vancouver Parents, Charged With Routinely Starving and Beating Adopted Twins2011-10-19
Couple charged with imprisoning children2011-10-19
'If he would talk his dad would beat him with a board'2011-10-19
Prosecutor calls abuse of WA twins 'torturous'2011-10-18
Couple accused of beating, starving, imprisoning adopted twins2011-10-18


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