Michael Pearl Blames Liberian Adoptees for "Sexual Perversions" upon Golden Haired Biological Children

In the "Michael's answer portion of this article on his website, Michael Pearl blames adoptees for "sexual perversions" the CHILDREN may bring into their adoptive family. http://www.nogreaterjoy.org/articles/general-view/archive/2010/august/09...

Notice what the claim he makes concerning Children adopted from Liberia in particular.


Right here in our own community a family adopted three children from Liberia. We warned them, but they were so caught up with good feelings about how they were sacrificing their lives to save poor starving children from orphanages that they danced their way into tragedy. They have several children younger than the three adopted kids, who, unknowing to them, were well versed in all the dark arts of eroticism and ghastly perversion.

We have received many letters from families who have adopted children from overseas, quite a few from Liberia, and nearly every one of them—if not all—told sad stories of the fall of their natural children into sexual deviance.

I will say this again. Never adopt children even close to the age of your own. You should be past child bearing age, and your children should be at least 10 to 15 years older than the adopted kids. I don’t think there is any such thing as an orphanage raised child who has not been a participant in sexual perversion. If you are older and your kids are grown, it is a wonderful, full time ministry to adopt foreign kids. You will experience heartache, possibly failure, but you may just save a soul from sure destruction. But if there is failure, at least your kids will not go down with them.

A foster mom’s dilemma. We had a foster daughter this year, and she had been molested. We had no idea, and she acted out with one of my sons. I had so much guilt, as I know that you say, “Always watch your children.” I had failed in my role as a guardian, and I was sick at heart. — A Mom


It is impossible to watch thoroughly enough to prevent two kids from finding time alone. Your mistake was having the girl in the house with your children. Foster parenting is for people whose children are grown or for families with older children who take in the very young."


Michael Pearl is the author of To Train Up A Child which has been linked to the death of two adopted children from Liberia who were beaten to death by their adoptive parents. Lydia Schatz, and more recently Hana Williams. Zariah Schatz, Lydia's sister was beaten and hospitalized for her injuries, but survived.

Most Pearl followers are Christian Fundamentalists who homeschool their children. These families believe in being very separated from the outside world. With such teaching by Pearl one can understand why the parents would beat the percieved "perversion" out of their adopted/foster child.


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