Nepal -- Duelling videos on Humla trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera

Duelling videos -- Humla trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera

Reprinted from PEAR Nepal:

Duelling videos on Humla trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera

First, from the Esther Benjamins Trust:

23 Nepali girls rescued from 'mission'

Our September rescue operation which freed 23 Nepali girls has been vindicated by the Child Welfare Council (CWC) in India.

The CWC has ordered the closure of the centre from which the children were freed.

The girls were in The Michael Job Centre in Tamil Nadu. The centre is well known to authorities in Nepal and India. It claimed to offer sanctuary to children of Christian martyrs; many of the children we rescued had in fact been taken there by known trafficking agent D B Phadera after their parents had paid what appears to amount to a placement fee.

We are planning the future care of these children, to work out who can safely be reunited with their family and who might need genuine residential refuge and support as they rebuild their lives.

A video by Lt. Col. Philip Holmes shows the challenges faced post-rescue:

In response, Dal Bahadur Phadera held a Kathmandu press conference. (D.B. Phadera is seated in the video -- wearing a dark waistcoat and sitting next to the woman in an orange coat):

For background, see:

The Indian preacher and the fake orphan scandal -- Daily Telegraph:

On the Western supporters of the Michael Job Centre (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India).

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On The Esther Benjamins Trust's rescue of 23 Nepali girls (Tamil Nadu -- September 2011).

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Paper Orphans documentary posted on the web -- PEAR Nepal:

The Terre des Hommes/Image Ark documentary on adoption trafficking in Humla (the NCO/Bal Mandir kidnappings). Some Humli children ended up in India -- others in the inter-country adoption trade.

How our media helps sell children (by asking the wrong questions) -- Ushaft's Blog:

Andrew Undershaft on the media allies of trafficker Dal Bahadur Phadera.

On Children's Homes -- Lonely Planet:

Read the full thread -- a horrific, first-hand account of D.B. Phadera.

Reprinted from PEAR Nepal:




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