Wrongful Adoption

Hello my name's Ashley i'm an american citizen who married a brazilian citizen. My husband is from curitiba,Brazil all his life we thought his adoptive "mom" legally adopted him little did we know he was a black market baby. Gloria Levy came from Isreal to usa in the 60's she had 2 illegal abortions causing infections on her fallopian tubes so she couldn't have biological children, she however lied to anyone who asked her why she couldn't have kids she would say "i don't know."  In 1984 she flew from Los Angelos,CA to Curitiba,Brazil to buy a baby. My husband Gabriel was handed to her in a suburban park area from the gang leader Arlete Hilu Gloria stayed 4 months in Brazil with Gabe and Arlete Hilu trying to figure out a way to get him out she even bribed the brazilian police if she paid them could she leave with him and they let her. Gloria came back with a child on false adoption papers, she flew back to Brazil when Gabe was 2 yrs old to help sell babies to foreign couples that wanted to "adopt" she took care of the babies until they were ready to leave with their new families. It breaks my heart to know my husband could be a kidnapped baby since Gloria had informed us that when mothers came to give their babies up 2-3 days later they would come back asking for their babies then Arlete would send her workers out to then steal the babies back from their moms, so she could keep selling babies. I would love to find my husbands bio family and also bring justice to this whole case. It's not right what she did buying a baby and going back to help sell them. I'm writing this hoping people will read and help us also if they need information from me i can try to help thank you.



man i see people reading my blog but none of you guys have replied, why? All of us on this site read about these horrible things happening to children yet you guys comment on other things. I'm asking for alil help here or atleast an acknowledgement.

Process for recourse

You may want to familiarize yourselves with other kidnapped and sold into ICA cases. The most recent one that has gotten the attention of the media in the US is that of kidnapped Anyeli Liseth Hernandez Rodriquez from Guatemala, who was kidnapped five years ago, sold into ICA and adopted by an American couple.

You can read the ongoing saga and the latest arrests at: http://poundpuplegacy.org/node/48587
(BREAKING NEWS: Asociación Primavera lawyer and director found guilty of human trafficking in Karen Abigail case)

You may also want to get in contact with activist groups and attorneys in the country of your husband's birth to do an investigation and take the case to court in that country. The outcome of annulling the adoption, the documents and the visa and ultimately the arrests of those involved may take up years if not even more. The country of the person's birth is where the investigation has to begin.

Also and sadly, keep in mind, that whatever ruling occurs outside of the US, "the ruling has no jurisdiction in the United States."

Good luck in your journey for answers. Please understand I am not an attorney and this is jmho.

An Acknowledgement

While I don't comment very much on this forum anymore, I wish you success in your search for Gabriel's biological family.  I can't offer you any help or assistance but I think it's very important that adoptees reconnect with their families of origin.  I'm curious though, given the passage of time, what kind of "justice" are you seeking?

My adopted son just found his biological mom on FaceBook in September.  Last month he and his girlfriend took a road trip to North Carolina and he spent the weekend catching up on the last 16 years.  She will be visiting him over Christmas and staying in our home.  Interesting stuff, to say the least. 




Biofamily searches

Hi- If you have the biomother's name, you can try Facebook. You can also try:



Amnesty International

ProBusqueda (reuniting Central and South American families separated by civil wars)

Good luck in your search.

Maros Family, The justice

Maros Family, The justice i'm seeking is what should have been done right in the 1st place. She bought him and handed him off to allmost anyone who would take care of him for her then flew back to sell babies with him in tote she could of atleast made it legal while selling babies, my husband and i hate wondering if he was stolen from his mom or not, the fact that she lied all her years then to our faces about his adoption is hurtful. Makes you wonder what kind of woman is she really? thanks tho for your comment, i'm hoping in the end to get it straightened out and on the right path.

Injustice in Adoptionland

This story reminds me very much of mega-baby-broker Georgia Tann, and the questions so many adoptees have to face when the Pandora's Box of Search and Reunion is opened.   [See: Adoptee From Black Market Ring Finds Family  and Adoption Myths, and Realities ]

Sadly, the era of kidnapping for an adoption-plan is not over, so the only justice I can see is if a more regulated, reformed adoption industry becomes a reality.  Meanwhile, it is the adoptee who has to learn how to cope and grieve a very tarnished adoption story.  Forgiveness is not easy, especially if the AP(s) are not sensitive or forthcoming.  My question to you is, how is your husband coping?  Does he have support from other adoptees?  I know in my own case, reaching-out  to other adult adoptees really helped.

Maros Family, I firmly

Maros Family, I firmly believe that too the adoption industry does need to become more informed. He just lets it go, he can't get any help outta his adoptive mom she allways says "i'll help u" then just doesn't it's been me this whole process helping him, there's a facebook group he has spoken too but doesn't keep up with. It's hard but hopefully we'll get some results.

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