famous adoptees

http://specials.msn.com/A-List/Lifestyle/Steve-Jobs.aspx?cp-documentid=30889274&imageindex=1   and the related link are kind of sick...


I mean at they got Mis Farrel's daughter and stuff...   and then there is a link to famous people who adopted and they have Joan Crawford  mommie dearest... ugh


Made famous and glamorous

I saw that list yesterday and found it very disturbing that they featured the incestuous relationship between Woody Allen and his adopted daughter, as if it's something to admire or model-after.

Previn was adopted from her native country (where?) and was raised in a large family of siblings. Her adoptive parents later divorced, and her famous mother raised her with an iconic movie director (who was that, again?), whom Previn ultimately married and is still with today.

Nothing like glamorizing incest in the adoptive family, eh?

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