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Date: 2011-07-29

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Theresa M. Erickson

Theresa Erickson | ACARAL

Media Relations Director (2011-2012)

California; Iowa

Theresa M. Erickson is one of the few attorneys in the United States who specializes exclusively in the area of Family Formation Law. During law school she gained a passion for this field. She initially discovered this area of family planning by choosing to become an egg donor for several couples who desperately wanted a child. In doing so, Theresa M. Erickson helped create numerous children for these families. In addition to her own personal experiences with egg donation, she witnessed a more personal fertility situation - her sister was unable to maintain a successful pregnancy to term. It is through both of these very personal experiences that Theresa M. Erickson's passion developed to become a Reproductive Lawyer. Theresa M. Erickson's legal practice is dedicated to exclusively provide legal services in the area of creating families. Theresa M. Erickson's passion has not gone unnoticed; she is a nationally recognized expert in this specialized and unique area of law.

Ms. Erickson is an Executive Member of the ABA Family Committee, as well as an Executive Member of the ABA Reproductive Law and Technologies Committee. In addition, Ms. Erickson is an advisory board member of the Parents Via Egg Donation and INCIID and maintains membership with AATB, AABB, ASRM, AFA, and the Pacific Coast Reproductive Society. She has also written the book on the subject, Assisted Reproduction, the Complete Guide to Having a Baby with the Help of a Third Party.



Erickson Law, A Professional Law Corporation

14269 Danielson Street, Suite 101

Poway, CA  92064

Office: 1-858-748-4133

Facsimile: 1-858-748-4244

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