CARA Guidelines Governing the Adoption of Children, 2011

New CARA Guidelines= Big Business in Children

"The following are a few highlights of changes that MIGHT take place. Please

note that updated guidelines are expected to be posted on CARA's website

sometime in July, 2011.


The changes to CARA guidelines focus mainly on 1) source of child, 2) the issue

of priority, and 3) ethical issues.


The following represents DRAFT info only. Some information related to the

internal process in India is not yet mentioned here.


Prospective Adoptive Parents Dossier Processing


· The backlog of existing dossiers is expected to be looked at in the

next months;


· New foreign dossiers will not be accepted until October 1, 2011.


Adoptions in India expected to Increase


· CARA is establishing linkages with all local agencies which will

result in more children available for Indian domestic as well as inter-country



· While now only 72 local Indian agencies approved for inter-country

adoption provide a vehicle for inter-country adoption, in the near term, an

additional 300 agencies approved for domestic adoption will be linked and in the

next 5 years, an additional 200 institutions will also be linked, greatly

expanding the number of children potentially available for domestic and

inter-country adoption;


· The 80%/20% rule will come into effect, i.e. only 20% of children per

local agency can be available for inter-country adoption;


· Special needs children do not fall in the 20% rule and are available

for fast track inter-country adoption. At this time we don't know how special

needs will be defined.



Country Quotas


CARA will be setting quotas per country based on various factors. World View

Adoption communicated the importance of taking into account the rapidly growing

Indian population and immigration from India to Canada. CARA acknowledged the

data presented and assured us this would be taken into account.


Centralized Data-Base for India


· CARA is implementing a web-based system to enable all local agencies

to post child details and details of waiting parents; initially only Indian

parents will be able to register on-line for Indian domestic adoption; in

future, foreign parents may be able to as well;


· Post placement monitoring- on-line will be implemented to assist

CARA's, increasing strictness on timely receipt of post placement reports for

two years post adoption;


· Once a child is matched, online monitoring of the file status will be

possible (through the foreign adoption agency);


· The child matching process remains as is.


All adoptions will be finalized in India going forward.


Now foreign families can care for a child while they are waiting for the court

order to be issued, as long as they remain in India."

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