Russia, U.S. to sign adoption treaty in Washington by mid-July - ombudsman

June 22, 2011 / RIA Novosti

Russia and the United States will sign an adoption treaty on July 12-14 in Washington, Russia's ombudsman for child rights Pavel Astakhov said on Wednesday.

The treaty, which will be signed during Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov's visit to the United States, is expected to ensure the safety of Russian children adopted by U.S. families.

"The signing of the agreement, this historic..., should take place on July 12-14, when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will pay a visit to Washington," Astakhov said. "The last proofreading of the text was held on Wednesday in the Ministry of Education and Science, which is preparing the draft agreement on adoption."

Russia suspended all U.S. adoptions last year after a Tennessee woman sent her 7-year-old adoptive son back to Russia. He was put on a plane on his own with a note from the woman saying she did not want him as he was "psychotic."

Astakhov said in January that 17 Russian children have died in the United States as a result of child abuse since adoptions started more than 15 years ago.

The latest official figures show that about 60,000 children born in Russia have been adopted by families in the United States.



So how is this treaty going to ensure "the safety of Russian children adopted by U.S. families."?

All that's still under-reported and over-looked

When it comes to this Russia/USA agreement, all I see/read is the number of dead adoptees.

Where is the number of disrupted placements, done above-board, and done under-ground?  [See:  From Russia With Love -- Dealing With Difficult Adoptions ] What is being said about the way "poorly adjusting orphans" are treated, in America?

The state says Debra Schmitz threw a knife at one child, held two children underwater for punishment and forced five to dig holes in the ground that would be their graves.

The couple, whose trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 30, are also charged with child trafficking for moving a girl to Arizona without permission from state child-welfare officials.

From:  Underground network moves children from home to home, 2006 ]

Where is the number of sexually abused adoptees from Russia?

Why are these numbers always missing when discussing future adoption treaty agreements?

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