CICIG Responds to Senator Landrieu

Well that didn't take long.


Today, the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) issued a press release confronting Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu on the statements she made yesterday to the Guatemalan press. CICIG asked the senator to provide evidence to supports her apparent disagreement (“las pruebas en las que se sustenta para descalificar el contenido”) with some of the content of their Adoption Report (released in English earlier this month). CICIG also asked Landrieu to state her position regarding the “numerous adoptions of boys and girls who have been illegally abducted from their biological parents.”

Will the senator respond? The press release can be viewed on the CICIG website here. Much of it defends the accuracy of their research, and it states some findings:

“En su informe, la CICIG logra determinar el modus operandi de redes de delincuencia organizada trasnacional dedicadas a la trata de niños/as mediante adopciones ilegales…. Asimismo se detectaron casos concretos en que los representantes y/o facilitadores de las agencias internacionales de adopción en Guatemala tuvieron conocimiento del origen ilícito de los niños/as dados en adopción y sin embargo continuaron los procesos ilegales mediante pruebas de ADN alteradas, engaño y amenaza a madres biológicas, y la utilización de documentos falsos.”

[ROUGH TRANSLATION] In their report, CICIG successfully establishs the modus operandi of transnational organized crime networks involved in trafficking children via illegal adoptions…. Specific cases were found where the Guatemalan representatives and/or facilitators of international adoption agencies were aware of the illicit origin of the children being placed for adoption, and yet continued illegal processes containing altered DNA evidence, deception and threat towards biological mothers, and/or the use of false documents.

The Adoption Report is well-documented, with a thick end section of attachments and evidence. It also has extensive footnotes and citations throughout. When I first read it, the research and conclusions aligned with many of my own, drawn from independent investigative reporting. To me, the question that emerges is this: who’s providing information to Senator Landrieu?


"Without objection, it is so ordered."

<rubbing temples>

Picture it, Senate floor, July 16, 2009:

Madam President, I wish to speak for a moment about another bill Senator Inhofe and I introduced earlier: the Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act. This would make a small but important change in the way orphans are identified or classified when they are adopted overseas so that they can become automatic citizens.

[From:  Foreign Adopted Children Equality Act - Mary Landrieu's introductory statement]

"small but important change in the way orphans are identified or classified"

Can we take a few moments of silence, and THINK what these precious words imply, and how "orphan identity and classification" is manifested in the home, the neighborhood, and class-room, years after said small little request?

I can wait.... my kids aren't adopted.  Then again, my kids are in a school-district where "special needs" kids are put in the average class-room, because we parents are told (to support) "special needs" programs.... programs that nurture allow students with various types of autism and other "special ed needs", so those children (and those  parents) get to enjoy the full school-experience, too.  Good news for us parents who are concerned about angry outbursts in classes that have 20-30 students in a single class-room -- the class-size get much smaller after the 5th grade!  It appears most "special eds" don't stay in public school past that level.  My youngest have one more year left with out of control "angry/frustrated outbursts", and the teachers who have no idea WTF to do in these frequent situations in their classrooms.  Next year my youngest will start 5th grade, as my two older start and end their high-school years....those extra fun years rich with drugs (prescription AND recreational) and "typical HS teen" behavior.

It's soooooo FUN and great being a concerned parent in the USA these days, isn't it?  So glad to see US Senators so damned concerned about little things like children, "classifications", child safety, parental rights, citizenship and equality acts.  They really have their fingers on the pulse of Average American society, don't they?

Question:  anyone know what's the status with H.R. 4247?

The only other bill I found that relates to child maltreatment and abusive methods to control children is H.R. 4247, Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act, a federal bill proposal which will apply only to students in both public and private schools that receive federal funding.  I have yet to see if the bill has passed, because it still seems to be stuck in the senate. 

[See: Restraint and Seclusion, as it is used in therapy ]

[From:  comment, Not quite over or finished...]

Me thinketh adoption advocates playing great Senator orator ought to tour Americans schools before touring foreign countries.  That's my own humble opinion....

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