Boys adopted by William Fox

Three boys adopted by William Fox were sexually abused by their adoptive father. William Fox made headlines in 1981 when talking a teen boy out of committing suicide. Fox later adopted the boy and wrote a book about his experience. He also received the National Father of the Year Award. William Fox adopted 10 boys in total, three of whom filed complaints about sexual abuse.
Date: 2011-03-21
Placement type: Adoption
Type of abuse: Sexual abuse
Abuser: Adoptive father
Disabilities: yes


Liberty Township, Pennsylvania
United States
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Here's a question...

who decides the final winner to these adoptive parent of the year awards?

Do they even INVESTIGATE these heroic winners, before bestowing the "Best" title... or do they simply take the words of adults, swear on a stack of bibles everything the adults say is true, and then assign these #%&#!%&$ child molesters/child abusers "Parent of the Year" or "Local Hero" status, because of all the pickings they had, these preying pedophile pops were the most outstanding?

If I didn't know better, I'd say these "hero" awards given to such closet offenders were mocking other award ceremonies, much like the Demons of Adoption Awards mocks the Angels in Adoption Awards.

Sure makes a person wonder what the next Parent of the Year or Town Hero is doing to children, during his off-duty, "down time".


Setting up for abuse...

A single man who enjoys the glory of being a cop, is seen as a man in charge...  It reminds me of the Catholic church who glorifies a Priest.  Both of them have no sexual outlet with a woman (as God intended), and find themselves "in charge" of adopted boys, OR altar boys.  Normal sexual urges turn evil when the need to control steps in.
The WORLD has paved the way for young boys to be sexual abused when sanctioning 10 adoptions with a single man; the same sanctioning has always been to the Priest who oversee the altar boys.  Isn't anyone paying attention???


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