"WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?"

I've decided it's time I start a series titled, "WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?"  because the ignorance and "look at me and all I can do" AP orientation really rocks and astounds me, the angry adoptee who wants to help stop the insanity that perpetuates in Adoptionland.

However, I want this series to be open to all who find items in websites and blogospheres that raise the back-hairs and push the pulse over the 130 mark.

Yes, Kerry wants reader participation, because as a group, we can learn many many lessons that seem to get lost once a person falls under the influence of the Adoption Fog.

First, a few ground-rules for this new series that will be featured on PPL:

  1. Mocking and pointing out flaws is good and fine, but let's remember common human decency and show an element of respect.  Let us point out the insulting problem, without name calling or attacking the individual(s) who may or may not know the action they are doing is actually quite stupid and contrary to a child's "best interest". 
  2. Even PPL has boundaries.  All submitted material will have to meet final admin approval.  PPL ground-rules mean, PPL gets to decide what can pass as good mocking material. If a submission is edited or removed, it's because boundaries were not respected.
  3. The goal behind this effort is simple: as members of the adoption community, we are obligated to expose actions and behaviors that can overwhelm and harm the adopted child.  Overwhelming and harming concepts are NOT the same as harming/abusing a child.  If any one finds material that suggests an adoptee is being abused, PLEASE notify local authorities, AND let us at PPL know.  Crimes against children must be reported, even if the person accused is a honored, well-respected member of a particular community.    [See rules to reporting child abuse:  Mandatory Child Abuse Reporters ]

Now.... who wants to play "WHAT are these AP's thinking?!?" 


Oh boy

Good heavens. Where to start in the blog-o-sphere?

I K-N-O-W!

It's a daunting task, isn't it?

That's why a pup like me could use some help -- there's a LOT of demented, crazy, freak-a-deak stuff out there.  And to think... these people passed home studies!

[As it is, I have a list I am working on... and it just....blows my mind.]

Hosting Russian Orphans for...10 Days!

I guess this will qualify under this thread, but also under many other threads. I hope this is ok.
See this blog: http://urbanfunnyfarm.blogspot.com/2009/07/host-russian-orphan-for-10-da...

Can someone please explain to me HOW Russian orphans visiting the US for only 10 days will know enough English, to really comprehend
Vacation Bible Camp? Also, are they going to adjust that fast?

Some may be a bit discouraged to see the blog post the photos of the orphans, who they are not adopting, just giving you a heads up.


What they say reminds me of Bertha and Harry Holt in the early 50's...  and we all know how they took in 8 orphans, making their own children slaves and babysitters, so they could look good.  The comments sound like this: OH, I want one, too!



Wanting what others have

The comments sound like this: OH, I want one, too!

Um, isn't that the goal?  My AMother loved to parade me around... she was so proud of her trick-pony, and was more than happy to help facilitate those desperate infertile friends of hers who wanted a baby "just like yours".  Of course, Canada was no longer shipping-out healthy white babies, so she had to help them undertand the workings of other foreign countries, (and their adoption process), like Korea and Guatemala.

The sad thing is, what my Amother needed most was to feel valued and smart, not used. 

I knew EXACTLY how that felt... to be tricked into thinking you were valued, liked, and appreciated, only to learn you were being used.

News flash -- we poor orphans found in an orphanage can read the faces, even if we don't understand the words or the language.  WE SEE how people look at us... it's disgusting.  [How I HATE that look --  it still triggers me.]  The Look is really really disgusting... and the smell?  I can smell a fake a mile away.  I can even see it in a person's writing.  The stench defies any real sense... why, it's almost crazy how these gifts are bestowed upon a so-called poor orphan child, left to languish in poor care.

Back to the not-so Funny Farm...

I took the time to look at the featured photos, and once again, I'm disgusted on so many levels, I really don't know where to begin.

Here's the thing -- so many people email me and Niels and ask that we post/feature information sent to us , but we are only two humans doing a ton of work on a website that does not get the benefits a commercial website gets.

We need help posting this information -- information that comes from good decent people who happen to be AP's who happen to be equally disgusted by the things they see in Adoptionland.

We truly value all this input, but so added hands doing to actual add-ons would be greatly appreciated.  For those willing to volunteer a few minutes of work, please contact us through our contact page... we'll do our best to walk new posters through the posting process. 



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