Report on Players Involved in the Illegal Adoption Process in Guatemala since the Entry into Force of the Adoption Law

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Date: 2011-12-01

Baby Snatchers

In the report, on p. 34 it states:

It is known that some of these people even acted as facilitators of international adoption agencies and had contacts with State institutions such as hospitals, registers of vital statistics and the staff of the Solicitor General’s Office.

See diagram No. 2, child trafficking networks with the participation of a “snatcher” as an intermediary.

• Doctors, midwives and hospitals

Other players who might be part of a trafficking network are doctors and midwives, who have participated by issuing false birth certificates. With those documents they certified that they had attended the birth of a child who was not born in that place or was not the biological child of a woman who was presented as the mother in the adoption proceedings.

Footnote 101 reads:

Officials from the Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that investigations carried out in 2001 showed that the staff of public hospitals that provide newborn babies to third parties tell the birth mother that her child was born dead. Interview with officials of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, May 2010.

Indeed, The Dead Baby Scam has been so successful in other parts of Adoptionland, why would it not work anywhere else ICA has become popular?

My question is simple: Why are social workers not seen within the circle of active (professional) participants, associated with the baby-snatching network?  Why are so many people in the dark when it comes to this illegal method, as it is used, to produce a "legal" adoption? 

As a health professional, I know when a SW is called to provide their specific brand of input, insight, and recommendation.

In terms of maternity services, aren't SW's the ones who help young confused pregnant females, by telling them about various options/organizations... options ready and open in terms of offering the scared and confused a real affordable and available option?

[Surely people see how SW "recommendation" influences where an infant gets placed? ]

Kidnapped Kids SOLD into ICA

In reading the report it speaks and details the kidnapping of certain cases. My question is why haven't these children been returned to their parents?!

Denied rights, in Adoptionland

My question is why haven't these children been returned to their parents?!

Ah... the slippery slope of serendipity, as it exists, in "legal" adoptions in Adoptionland.

There are two arguments, typically made in the same pro-adoption camp.

1)  Adoption, as a legal entity, renders the AP the legal parent, making the birth parent(s) no longer eligible honored, recognized, or entitled to any/all legal rights given to a parent.  [This is what makes me really loathe corrupt adoption lawyers... they truly are sneaky sneaky bastards, using the legal system and the collection of false documents as a way/means to make an illegal adoption, suddenly legal... entitling the lawyer to "fees", which I imagine, are not very cheap.   My wise, but now-deceased grandmother would say such a person is  "a real snake-in-the-grass".]

2) Adoption, as an adaptation process, one that requires a person accept and change, in order to survive a new life circumstance, is a stress put upon children.  Put this burden on an child who is already stressed-out/scared/worried/confused, you put that child at higher risk of developing problems related to stress/over production of stress hormones.  Therefore anything that disrupts the child's ability to heal or recover from upheaval is "not in the best interest of the child".

I made this connection when I read the story about an Amother and her illegally obtained children, adopted from India, through CARA:

In one case, a Queensland family recently learned that the girl they adopted through the agency, who is now nine, was snatched from outside her family home as a two-year-old.

''I feel a great deal of sympathy for the Indian families that have been caught up in this drama and also for the Australian families,'' Ms Rollings said.

After learning the truth 18 months ago, the Rollings family tracked down Akil and Sabila's birth mother and met her in India.

''We're now in a position thankfully that our kids feel very positive about their reunion and the wonderful relationship that has developed,'' Ms Rollings said.

The Rollings family are continuing to call for an investigation into the case of their son and daughter.

''We want an investigation so our children can know for certain what happened. And most importantly so their other mother can get justice. She's the one who's lost the most in all this,'' Ms Rollings said.

India's Central Bureau of Intelligence insists birth families should be allowed to see their children again in India.

But Ms Rollings said adoptive families would need assurances from Australian and Indian authorities that their children would not be taken from them.

''The families need to feel very confident there was no question of the children being removed.''

''There was no way my children would have come overseas unless they felt completely confident they would be returning back home with us.''

Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson said yesterday that if inquiries revealed children had been kidnapped, there was a moral responsibility to ''do the right thing''.

''And the right thing, we would expect in most cases, will be to look at returning them to their rightful families.''

Attorney-General Robert McClelland said it would be a matter for the courts.

''Under Australian law, these children are Australian citizens and the children of the adoptive parents. Under the Hague Convention, birth parents may bring an action in an Australian Court to have the adoption revoked. However, any decision would be a matter for the courts, which would apply the principle of protecting the best interests of the child.''

[From:  'Stolen babies' adoption racket ]

The way I see it, it must be a cold day in hell - or a modern day miracle - for an AP to "do the right thing" and put his/her own personal savior complex on the back-burner, all so a child would not have to endure a kidnapping, followed by a foreign adoption plan.  [Thankfully there are the very rare cases where an AP has said no to corruption and no to an adoption plan, but these AP's are as rare as a diamond found on the ground.]

With that, I'd love more AP's and PAP's to imagine being the kidnapped child, forced to live in a foreign country, with foreigners who don't speak your language, don't eat the same foods you're used to eating, don't follow any of the cultural habits you, as a child, have become accustomed to.... and don't feel or smell right to you.  Then learn what "mommy" and "daddy" translates into.  [See:  "Call us mommy and daddy" ] 

Better yet, imagine all of that happening to the child you birthed, or assisted, during pregnancy and delivery.

Adoptionland is one messed-up world, where right is wrong, moral is amoral, legal is illegal, and mothers don't know who or WTF they are any more.

Crazy, isn't it?

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