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Date: 2005-04-24

Re: Hi All! Help needed on Reflux
Post by prospective mom for Ishmil on Apr 24, 2005, 3:02am

Hi! My name is Kathy. My husband and I are considering adopting a 6 year old little boy with lissencephaly. I was browsing through your contact group and felt I should respond to the conversation about reflux. We already have one special needs boy we adopted 4 years ago named Thomas ( monosomy 6, Trisomy 11 chromosone abnormality) He was diagnosed with reflux disease in March 2004/ NG tube, NJ tube, Prevacid, then finally the nissen-fundalplication surgery. Still had reflux. Formula was changed several times. In November 2004 it was so bad he wasn't able to hold anything in his stomach for three days. He looked terrible . He would cry and thrash if we tried even pedialite. We had had good experience in 2001 and 2002 with raw goats milk. Found a farmer willing to help. What an answer to prayer. From the moment the milk started going into his g-tube. He calmed down. That was Thanksgiving weekend. Thomas no longer has to be on Prevacid, no longer on the sugary formulas, the goats milk is so much better. We do have to supplement it with blackstrap molassas , liquid baby vitamin drops and crushed folic acid tablets, and stage two baby food. (carrots or spinach). Thomas has gained 13 lbs. in 6months on this regimen. This is not readily accepted by some of the medical profession. The results speaks for itself. We unfortunately had to go through being reported by our doctor to the Department of Children and Family for medical neglect. After the caseworkers visit it was confirmed that Thomas was doing better and we were able to find a doctor who would stand with us on "what works". I hope this will help someone. Let me know if I can offer any further information. email address ; thekingscleft@bellsouth.net


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