Guatemala: Declaration by Susana Luarca (Loarca) Saracho on charges of child trafficking in the Anyeli Liseth Hernandez Trial

Guatemalan attorney, Susana Luarca (Loarca) Saracho was charged and made declarations at a hearing in connection for her involvement in the Anyeli Liseth Hernandez kidnapping case. She was charged with child trafficking and false documents. She was placed on house arrest, she cannot leave the country, she paid a fine of 75 mil Qtzls. and must sign in weekly. Her next court date is set for October.

Please visit the Fundacion Sobrevivientes site and Facebook page, headed by Norma Cruz on behalf of the biomothers, to see photos and documents pertaining to this case.



Question about Charges

If I understand correctly, this lawyer - Susana Luarca (Loarca) Saracho - had an impressive-enough list of adoption-related associations and services. [Nothing compared to a well-connected American adoption lawyer's who's-who list, but not all that shabby, either.]

This lawyer is charged with wrong-doing in one kidnapping case.

Does any one know how many questionable cases she was associated with, and if that information can or will be used against her in this particular kidnapping case?

I ask because wouldn't the ruling for or against this lawyer (and her associations) set a standard in ICA practice... much like the final ruling in the Bank's adoption practice (and their dubious associations) did?

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