Daniel Ibn Zayd Comments on Federici v Pignotti Dismissal and Federici "Response" to Critics

Here's an interesting commentary on Federici v Pignotti et al by Daniel Ibn Zayd, whose website was named in Exhibit I of Federici v Pignotti et al:


Following the posting of that article, the internet was flooded with lies about him and also about me. I kept a record of it on my blog, to document the abuse:


I also comment on why I am choosing to defy conventional wisdom and am not remaining silent about the cyber abuse that has been occurring, especially since the dismissal of Federici v Pignotti et al.


Do I laugh or cry at the insanity?

Wait a second... did I read this correctly?:

 I am happy to report that the case was dismissed in its entirety. The court brief for the plaintiff is woefully written and full of spelling and other mistakes as well as downright falsehoods, which shouldn't come as a surprise when plaintiff's counsel, Domingo Rivera, refers to himself as a "cyber Internet lawyer". Cyber Internet? What does that even mean? Cyber bully, more like it. The esteemed counsel is more interested in closing down web sites that trouble his powerful and rich clientele than he is in justice, as witnessed by his own words on his "cyber Internet" web site and "cyber Internet" Twitter account, which describe going after people doing exactly what Federici is doing via the cyber Internet flunkies at Clean Search, who by their own words acknowledge coming to the "doctor's" aid with defamatory web sites, and as belied by the "doctor's" false claims to the contrary.

[From:  Inquisitor.com (March 27, 2011)  Written by yet another angry adoptee, Daniel Ibn Zayd

So, Federici hired a lawyer, found on the internet?  Is that what this suggests? 

I could have sworn I read somewhere that the internet could not be trusted...and bullies abound, striking fear into the hearts and minds of those just trying to do a good deed for others.

<scratching my dum-dum-head> where did I read that passage that read along the lines of, "fraudulent internet postings made by fringe groups cannot be trusted on the internet"? 

<thinking, thinking>  damn, I read soooo many reports and studies, (during my unpaid "down-time"), its hard to keep track...

 OOOOH, that's right, I copied and posted it myself, a few days ago... (gee, where is my head these days?)  Working midnight shifts sure makes me loopy sometimes.

In my petition to the courts , I attempted to put an immediate halt to fraudulent internet postings regarding myself, my family, professional career, credentials and clinical practice which have been made by a group of social and professional “misfits”, who operate a fringe advocacy group with a “mission” to discredit many well respected experts in the field of Child Development.

Their motives remain a mystery, aside form emulating the infamous “National Enquirer” or equally slanderous and outrageous publications which “target” Public Figures.

Remember, people with “ no lives, no qualifications, no job, no ethics, and no moral character are typically the first to slander and make false and hurtful statements. Their agenda is hatred vs free speech.

According to the Federal Court hearing which transpired on March 5, 2011, the Presiding Judge designated myself and everyone in my “Expert” category as “Public Figures” who have no choice but to endure the hardships of worldwide jurisdiction of Internet postings whether they be fact, fiction , slander or outright bizarre allegations. Again, the Internet and National Inquirer have no limits to what they can publish about a “Public Figure”.

Sad, but true. Just think about all the bizarre “stories” you may have read on the “Net?”

[From:  Related material, from your average mom, (with a part-time job), which quotes from Federici's official statement, found on his own website.]

One would think a man of his noble character and great success would find a lawyer through personal contacts, or the yellow pages, NOT the internet, where we see how fear-tactics can be used to scare the ba-jeebies out of people to DO SOMETHING, QUICK! (OR ELSE!!!!!).


Why does this petty behind-the-scenes back-and-forth stuff remind me so much of High-School and my Amother?  Are we not adults yet? 

I'm tired of the games.  Really I am.  This is the last time I will waste my quiet unpaid hours on this particular name-group going to war while adoptees and AP's need better care.

Maybe the lawyers are right.... maybe what's needed is a few more law suits to get the news media attention.  I dunno.. I guess the question is:  How desperate are AP's these days for better adoption services?  And is someone like Federici really worth it?  We could call Adam Pertman, and ask, "What do you think about Federici and all this attachment therapy stuff", just to see what he thinks, but if memory serves me correctly me thinketh he doth on a uber-big pro-adoption tour.  [Sorry kids, you're just gonna hafta wait until Big Daddy, (spokesperson for America, Adoptionland) returns home.]

What a sad sad turn of events in Adoptionland.  So much money wasted on lawsuits, and how-to material, when both money and time could be put toward better foster/adoption reform and care.

<sad shaking of head>... the waste of time and money...it's so very sad.

Tell you what, I'm glad I'm not a young adoptee or AP these days... I'd be pretty scared.  It's a HUGE responsibility taking good care of those unwanted "orphans" found by adoption facilitators and traded through inter-country adoption agencies.

All I can do is share my own personal opinion, and hope my little undigging efforts help those who need a little more than what most adoption websites have to offer.

P.S.   Thanks to that "clean search" link, I finally figured out WHY every video featuring Federici ends JUST when it's about the get good.  Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, twice removed.  [See:  Saving Dane (note where the filming ends... IF the film can be displayed) and the you-tube image featured in the post titled, Guantanamo - Federici.  If I'm not mistaken, both images come from the same NBC Dateline program, titled, "Saving Dane, saving families"... a link you cannot have without Federici's name attached to it.]

Meanwhile, I have work-plans of my own.

All those involved with Federici, et al, I wish you well.  Looks to me you will need the help of God, and a few good lawyers.

This isn't some "vanity" war....

First, thanks to PPL for having put up and survived the doctor's threats previously, and for following this case. I can't speak for the others, who have posted extensively about why they continue to "reply" to the "doctor". I would only say that my replies take up a minimum of time, the rest of my time is spent dealing with real life, and the reality of being an adoptee returned to his country of birth.

I would only point out a few things to consider concerning what is at stake here, or why I feel compelled to engage. If I think of adoption as a systemic and not a personal issue, than there are certain aspects of that system that become part of a bigger picture, and need be challenged. This isn't a question of dueling therapies. This is an issue of human trafficking and the crime that is adoption.

I fault some of the therapists listed in the legal brief for not seeing this bigger picture. Some have no problem with the idea of adoption per se, just in how children in therapy should be treated. Others see this big picture, and this guides their work. I will always side with those who are engaged in the systemic abuse of dominant power structures to enable and practice what are unjust and inhuman practices.

Federici is not just involved with the treatment of children whom he claims have difficulty bonding. He is feted by the neo-liberal government of Romania for his "work" there; he actively works to enable adoptions from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet republics; he pimps himself out after tragedies such as the earthquake in Haiti as a "transition" expert for children kidnapped from that island. He is a Shock Doctrinist; he is a tool of Empire. Thus there is no "equality" of debate, when every aspect of every power structure supports the so-called doctor.

This is all part of the bigger picture of economic and political injustice, and to say that it is waste-of-time tit-for-tat among us is understood; I get what you mean, and can see how this is how it seems from the face of things. But in the long run to say so is counterproductive to all of us working to find true justice in this world, including many of us who were named in this case.

bigger picture

In many ways I see all this Federici stuff as a vanity war. When you look at all Federici's websites and his attempts to silence voices that oppose his practices, it can't escape me there is a lot of vanity at play.

We have made quite a few posts about Federici's practices, in the past even leading to a shutdown of our website. At the same time, I wouldn't like to see us getting sucked into his vanity war.

The issues we discuss at PPL go far beyond Federici, even go far beyond attachment therapy. The use of attachment therapy and its variants avoiding that particular label, is just one aspect of all that is wrong in Adoptionland, and Federici is only one pawn in the game. Paying too much attention to this particular man gives him the attention he so obviously craves. Why give him that pleasure?

This is not to say that no attention should be paid to the practices of Federici, but I do notice that some people (not refering to you, Daniel) are so engaged in Federici's vanity war that the bigger picture sometimes gets lost.

There is a lot to say about Federici, ranging from his therapeutic practices, his support for certain abusive families, his dubious credentials, his membership of vanity board. In fact it would be possible to create an entire website dedicated to this one man. That is not what PPL is about. There are already more posts about this one particular man than about any other person in Adoptionland.

Focusing too much on one person gives the impression that Adoptionland is fine, except for a few bad apples. Kerry and I already addressed that in our post looking beyond the demons of adoption.

It is important to pay attention to people like Federici, Scott and Karen Banks, Mai Ly LaTrace and Jeannene Smith, but doing so can easily create the impression that the adoption system is actually peachy, except for a few villains, while in reality the problems are systemic. If not Federici, then someone else would be doing what he does. If not Scott and Karen Banks, then others would have mislead Samoan parents. If not Jeannene Smith, then someone else would have placed a child with pedophile adopter.

It is in that light, I think paying too much attention to Federici is a waste of time and energy. Doing so gives him exactly the attention he seeks and moves us away from addressing the problems that exist all over Adoptionland.

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