Anonymous Smear Campaign Escalates against Federici v Pignotti et al Defendants following dismissal

As many of you already know, there has been a malicious anonymous smear campaign on the internet against certain critics of Ronald Federici and others that has been going on now for about the past two years. Strangely enough, for the duration of Federici v Pignotti et al. there were far fewer postings about us with only a few mild ones appearing now and then between December and March 4, 2011. There is a smear website using the domain name of one of the defendants that went completely blank for the duration of the case, which is now back up. Following the dismissal, the anonymous smear campaign has escalated and has included fabrications of all kinds, including a fabricated story on a "cheaters" website with my full name posted and the lie posted to various public internet newsgroups of all kinds, that I was fired from a university when in fact, I earned my PhD there and left only because I graduated. Although I cannot say who is doing these postings, here are some of my thoughts and opinions:

Note that the postings are anonymous and so it is difficult to prove who is behind them. The timing, however, is interesting to note.

In June 2010, Federici also sued some of these defendants (Mercer, Miller, Advocates for Children in Therapy) in small claims court and lost. He appealed that case, but nonsuited it in September 2010. Under Virginia law, he had six months to reinstate the case but now the deadline for that one has passed and so that case is now closed. Public records show he has sued and nonsuited other cases as well. However, in Federal court, cases cannot be nonsuited and thus, he had to either respond to our Motions to Dismiss and appear at the hearing or withdraw the lawsuit. He chose the former and the case was dismissed on March 4, 2011. He will have 30 days following the final order to appeal the case, although as I understand it, appeals in Federal court are generally very difficult to have granted.

In addition to suing a number of people, attempts have been made to take down this website, the website of Advocates for Children in Therapy and a Search for Survivors blog. However, all of these websites remain up.


Sites to see

The other day I happened to stumble upon a web-blog all but singing the praises of The Emperor, known as Federici.

I kid you not with the following:

Dr. Federici has established the Russian and Ukrainian Private Adoption Project to provide families with independent adoption services.

Dr. Federici has seven adopted children of his own, so he knows the process well.

He also oversees each adoption individually.

[From:  (ready for this?)  Angelina Jolie Adoption Blog ]

Now, the date of the post states:  February 20, 2010 (6:10 pm), but there's no real way of knowing when the blog was created, unless of course, you have admin. access.

However, I really liked all the not-so-subtle word-choice linking American celebrity adopter/UN ambassador Angelina Jolie to Dr. Federici, and all he does to/for the foreign adoptee.  The suggestion that he acts as her own adoption consultant is entertaining, to say the least:

About Dr. Federici, Angelina Jolie’s Adoption Consultant -- 

Dr. Ron Federici is an expert in the neuropsychiatric evaluation of internationally adopted children. He has been involved in lobbying in the USA to improve policies and procedures for international adoptions and is actively involved in humanitarian aid programs seeking to address the child welfare crisis in Romania. He is the father of seven adopted children from Eastern Europe.  [From:  March 31, 2009 (6:56 pm) ]

Do you think mandatory reporting of abuse and post adoption monitoring are key lobby topics made by him in the USA and Eastern Europe?


What did the unwanted children of Russia and Ukraine do to deserve the private adoption services from a man who teaches APs how to re-train "difficult" adoptees, as seen in the video, Saving Dane, Saving Families    ?!?

Latest update

<laughing>  I see the Federici's private pet project has wasted no time in terms of extending all Federici services to all non-Americans adopting from Russia, with love:

December 30, 2012: Due to the passage of a Russian law prohibiting Americans from adoption in Russia, we are not accepting applications from American families at this time.

We are, however, quite happy to assist families elsewhere, such as in Canda and the European Union, with adoptions in Russia.

Does anyone know how much "happy family assistance" costs, in USD?   


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