Woman convicted of water intoxication granted parole

Date: 2011-02-03

By: Jim Dalrymple

A Springville woman convicted of child abuse homicide for killing her 4-year-old adopted daughter has been granted parole, and will go home after six years in prison.

Jennete Killpack, 35, will be released from custody on Jan. 10, 2012. Following a parole hearing on Jan. 18, the state board of pardons described Killpack as a low risk and recommended a quick parole date.

Killpack was found guilty of a second-degree felony in 2005 for forcing her adopted daughter to drink about a gallon of water, resulting in the girl's death. Killpack's conviction could have kept her in prison for up to 15 years, but in January she requested that she be permitted to go home.

Documents released by the board of pardons and parole cite as mitigating circumstances the fact that Killpack has taken responsibility for her crimes, that she has no previous convictions and that she is motivated to reform. The documents also indicate that she has a meaningful support system.

Jim Hatch, a spokesman for the board of pardons and paroles, said that Killpack will be required to comply with a number of requirements as part of her parole. A list of conditions included with Killpack's parole documents states that she has agreed to regularly check in with her parole officer, establish a residence, and not leave the state without permission, among other things. Hatch said she also will have to allow a parole officer into her residence and be willing to submit to having her home searched.


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