New Details Released In Deadly OKC Child Abuse Case

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Date: 2010-11-17

Rusty Surette

OKLAHOMA CITY -- A new report released details the torture a 3-year-old child went through in the days and weeks before he died in August. His adoptive mother and her boyfriend are charged with multiple counts of child abuse and neglect.

Larandon Nichols lived in a northwest Oklahoma City home with his adoptive mother, Alibra Nichols, and her boyfriend Donald Miller II.

According to a report issued this week by the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, Larandon weighed only 18 pounds on the day he died and was covered in cuts, scratches and marks.

Alibra Nichols told investigators she "whooped" Larandon multiple times with flip-flops, belts, hangers, switches and even a plastic bat that broke in half while she was hitting him. The beatings from the bat apparently caused bleeding blisters to develop on the bottom of his feet.

The report went on to say the child was choked, forced to sit on a toilet for hours, and skin was missing from one of his hands.

The report said Nichols, who weighs 370 pounds, fell on top of Larandon a week before he died, but he was never taken to a hospital to be examined. On the day of his death, Nichols said she woke up and found Larandon dead and called 911.

M.E. Spokesperson Cherokee Ballard reported that the cause of death was sepsis due to blunt force trauma.

Nichols and her boyfriend are charged with eight counts child abuse and child neglect. The two are set to be back in court this week for a preliminary hearing.

The D.A.'s Office said in the past they did not file murder charges because prosecutors said they could not prove the abuse killed Larandon. However, the charges could be amended at a later date.


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