Russian child ombudsman does not rule out possible U.S. adoption freeze

November 12, 2010 / RIA Novosti

Russian Children's Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov may push for a freeze on adoptions of Russian children by U.S. citizens if Russia and the United States fail to seal an adoption agreement by early 2011.

"In case problems arise by the beginning of the next year and we are unable to push this agreement through and do not reach the stage where we just have to sign it, then I am ready to raise the serious issue of a juridical freeze on U.S. adoptions," Astakhov said on Friday.

Russia has received the last version of the U.S.-Russian adoption agreement; however, Russian agencies, including the foreign ministry, have criticized the document and "for that reason the work [on the agreement] has become complex," Astakhov said.

Russia is one of the largest sources of adoptions for U.S. families, accounting for about 10 percent of foreign adoptions. The mistreatment of Russian children adopted in the United States has attracted public attention in recent months as a result of a number of highly publicized incidents.

In June, a 7-year-old boy was placed alone on a one-way flight to Moscow by his U.S. adoptive mother with a note claiming he was "psychopathic."

Following the case, Russia threatened to prohibit child adoptions by U.S. citizens until the countries sign an intergovernmental agreement guaranteeing the rights of adopted children.

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Eyes and ears on American PAP's... oh, and agencies, too

Any guess how foreign-minded PAP's will respond if Russia decides to suspend all American adoptions?  [Holy cow, I can hear them now full of outrage and disgust... with very few of them actually agreeing it would be best if American PAP's started paying more attention to the older more eligible fostered and adoptable children stuck here, in the good ol' US of A failing foster-care system.]

My educated guess is, when it comes to foreign adoption interests, more of the same will take place.... more letters written to the Secretary of State or a foreign minister will be stamped and sent, ASAP.  Yes indeed, these letters are quite a compelling read; each formal statement makes great strong claims about the plights of poor children, brighter futures and securing 'same rights'  for orphans around the world.  Almost makes me want to start waving a small flag.  Strange, funny thing about these letters, sent to the PTB... slowly growing important facts seem to be missing.  In fact, if one looks closely, it's painfully obvious to note very little mention or attention is given to more detailed concerns affecting young children like those significant problems associated with wrongful removals, illegal practices, and/or any of the abusive situations that take place after an adoption is completed.  No, no, no... fine upstanding foreign-minded PAP's and politicians want others to believe those unfortunate events are related to things in the past, and limited only to BAD people; those events have nothing to do with any of the GOOD people listed on enclosed letter pages sent to string-pulling politicians and those who can tweak new adoption rules. 

Poor poor God-praising, family-loving, concerned and frustrated American PAP's who have already paid thousands of dollars in foreign adoption/orphanage fees... let us all wish and pray no new bad rules will keep these adoption-angel-wanna-bes away from their carefully chosen, pre-purchased children.  Let's hope no good tax paying (party-supporting) American will ever get caught in political red-tape, and let's dream no adoption double-talk will ever force a child to live in limbo.  Let's cross our fingers and look to our lucky stars and say, for each foreign child freed from a corrupt and oppressive government and given a new American family (must be American, or the star-wish won't work/come true), there will be an American foster child thanking God and country for all that he/she has been miraculously given, too.  Yes... may all bad rules in Adoptionland be changed for the especially prayer-full still living the American Dream!  [Oh, gee.... is my sarcasm showing, again?]

Meanwhile, back at Adoption-Central... as amusing and predictable an angry PAP response can be, I'm more curious and interested in the response that may come from American adoption agencies IF Russia says no to American child-trade.  [Note the BIG "if".]   In today's tough economy, job security means everything, even in the so-called non-profit adoption industry.  Paid adoption service providers know, with each child sold to a foreign adopter, more fees are paid, and another child gets to be picked, saved, removed from the awful, dangerous, wretched living-conditions found in Russian streets and/or orphanages.  If Russia closes it's doors to American business, where will life-saving adoption profit/agency salaries go?  To other, 'better' foreign agencies, like those associated with Italy?

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