Adoptive father Charles Sparks guilty of child molesting in Clark County

Date: 2010-10-14


CLARK COUNTY — A Jeffersonville man was found guilty on Thursday afternoon of molesting his three adoptive daughters.

A jury in Clark County Circuit Court convicted Charles Sparks, 63, of six counts of class A felony child molesting and one count of class B felony child seduction. He was found not guilty of class D felony child seduction.

Sparks, a former janitor at Parkview Middle School, was accused of molesting the three girls he and his wife adopted in 1996. The girls had been removed from their biological father’s home because of accusations of sexual abuse. Within a year of the adoption, Sparks began molesting the three sisters.

Sparks faces 20 to 320 years in prison depending if the sentences run consecutively or concurrently. A sentencing hearing was scheduled for Nov. 1 at 10 a.m.

Two counts of child seduction were dismissed on Wednesday. Sparks still has 48 counts remaining, although those charges are likely to be dismissed if he receives a lengthy sentence.

Check back at and in the Evening News on Friday for more information and reaction from those involved.


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