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From:  ACTonlinevideos (You Tube) -- an educational and public advocacy organization dedicated to halting the dangerous cruelty done to children by Attachment Therapy (AT), its associated Therapeutic Parenting practices (ATP), and other unvalidated, pseudoscientific interventions for Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and other so-called attachment "problems."

This is a clip of fringe therapist and AT practitioner Martha Welch instructing an adoptive mother to torture a young child.

Please help stop Welch and her ilk by visiting ACT:


The use of force

<HUGE harumphing sigh>

Is there anything worse than that feeling associated with 'force'...or 'forced obligation'?

I always naturally loathed those who forced real or implied opinions, needs, and desires upon me.

Difficult confession:  I always loathed my insecure psychotic needy Amother. 

Does such a confession make me a bad person?

I implore others to watch the video.... I insist people watching the video understand just how F'ed up some desperate, hungry for love, AP's can and will be. I beg sane people, please see just how friggen damaging such AP's and therapists can be.

PLEASE don't ignore what's being done, in the name of God, therapy, and/or love.


So this is one of those loving families an adopted child can end up in. A rabid woman pressing her breasts into a childs chest screaming she is a good mom.

How in the world is this going to help? Sure, just like prisoners who get tortured, these children will learn to comply out of fear, but how will they ever learn to love, when love is a demand?


Indeed, using FEAR as a reason to love or remain 'faithful'... that's a real healthy relationship dynamic, isn't it? <eyes rolling back into my throbbing, cracking skull>

Oh, and how much are these fear-inducing goons paid for this breed of 'therapy'?



The going rate used to be $100 an hour depending on the therapist. Seriously.

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