Detective: Girl Feared Dad Would Impregnate Her

Date: 2010-10-12
Source: WLKY

Charles Sparks Charged With Abusing 3 Adoptive Daughters
By Ann Bowdan/WLKY
CLARK COUNTY, Ind. -- The adoptive father at the center of a child sex abuse case in Indiana took the stand in his own defense Tuesday.

The prosecution rested its case and the defense called up it's first two witnesses, Charles Sparks and his wife, Linda.

Sparks denied having any sexual encounters with his adopted daughters. His wife of 26 years said it was impossible that she wouldn't know about any abuse if it happened.

The detective involved in the case said the evidence disagrees.

"This investigation lasted over two months. I not only had a hidden wire on them, I also taped Mr. Sparks myself in a conversation where he admitted to sex play with the girls," said retired Jeffersonville Detective Charles Thompson.

Thompson said the evidence against 63-year old Sparks is now on record in court and on tape.

"We have multiple confessions. All three girls stuck to their guns. They told the truth on the stand," Thompson said.

Thompson said he began his investigation in August 2008. The first allegation was reported by one of the adopted daughters in 2001.

"She was scared she was going to get pregnant and she was actually scared she was going to get pregnant by her own father," Thompson said.

Thompson said the courts allowed Sparks to return home. The daughters testified on the stand during trial this week that the abuse began immediately when he returned.

"Why he ended up back in the home with these girls, I have no idea," Thompson said.

When Thompson took over the case, he had one of the girls take a lie detector test. She passed. No deception was indicated. When Thompson reopened the initial 2001 case for his investigation, he discovered Sparks had also taken a lie detector test. He failed. The document showed deception was detected.

Thomson testified the girls had been victims since birth. They were put in foster care in the first place because of abusive parents.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning. The defense is expected to wrap up and the case will be given to the jury.


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