Cuevas Figueroa (atty)

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Adoption lawyer in Guatemala

Profession: Lawyer
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Guatemala / Mexico - Flor de María Soto HernándezFacilitator

This lawyer is fraudulent

We adopted our daughter through this lawyer in 1993. The paperwork was fine and the social work report was fine.
Many years later when our daughter was 13 we decided to introduce her to the family and found them.
We have since found that the "birth mother" gave birth to another child 3 months prior to "giving birth to our child." Impossible obviously. She lied on all forms.
I have attempted to get all the information from the alleged "birth mother" and have established a financial and trusting relationship with her. I still can't get to the bottom of it. It is critical that I do. My daughter is not doing well. 23 years old and lots of mental health and addiction issues.

We have a charity in Guatemala and build public schools in the same community. We have changed that aldea incredibly over the past 10 years with a primary school, middle school and a high school. We also have kids in university.
I want the truth. Very badly.

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