Sierra Leone: HANCI Denies Claims

Date: 2008-11-28

Alimatu Fofanah
Concord Times (Freetown)

Help a needy child international-Sierra Leone (HANCI-SL) Wednesday denied claims made by FM 96.2 that12 years ago, the organization took children from their parents in Makeni without their consent.

HANCI-SL's director, Dr. Roland Kargbo told journalists that the allegations were baseless, false, malicious and criminal; adding that the said broadcast was aimed at confusing the public about the role of his organization in the country.

Dr. Kargbo said allegations made by some parents that organisation took away their children from them without their consent was a wicked lie.

"The records are there to prove that the allegations can be attested by INTERPOL and the ministry of social welfare, gender and children's affairs," he said.

The director said the American non-governmental organization, Maine adoption placement services (MAPS) and the ministry of social welfare assured parents that they would receive yearly status reports about their children's welfare but that proved futile.

"The said adoptions were conducted by an NGO called cherith international, which was situated at Calaba Town in Freetown," he noted.

Dr. Kargbo said the management of FM 96.2 made no attempt to investigate the allegation made by the parents.

"This malicious propaganda is currently hitting on the credibility of the organization and thus lowering the status of HANCI-SL. Our legal team will deal with the matter," he said.

According to an e-mail made available to journalists by HANCI-SL from the director of MAPS, Betsy Bewsey, a number of families who adopted children through the MAPS programme between 1997-2005, have been contacting HANCI-SL in request of their children's status reports and photos.

"We certainly understand their desires to known that their children are doing well," the email stated.


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