Fourth Annual Demons of Adoption Award Nominations

In 2007 Pound Pup Legacy instituted the annual Demons of Adoption Award to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual Angels in Adoption Awards TM.

Until September 30 you can nominate candidates for the fourth annual Demons of Adoption Award, after which we will put up a poll to vote for the nominees. Please add a comment to this post with your nominee and a short explanation why this candidate has the dubious honor of winning the award. You can also email your nomination to this address.

Previous editions:

First Annual Demons of Adoption Awards (award went to the National Council for Adoption)
Second Annual Demons of Adoption Awards (award went to the makers of Juno)
Third Annual Demons of Adoption Awards (award went to Bethany Christian Services)


Demons amongst demons

No demon tops Scott and Karen Banks of Focus on Children but lying in the same pig slime I would put the ten baptist from Idaho who "hired a bus, to rescue abandoned and traumatized children from Haiti" fleeing with them to the Dominican Republic in the name of GOD.

Focus on the broken family

In Adoptionland, there are those who will put the wants and desires of a cash-paying PAPs (looking for a baby) so high, they will act as if a person's "right to adopt" has far more value/importance than a father's right to keep his own child and preserve his own family.  [For the most recent example of fathers left-behind, please see:  Some Call It Kidnapping ]

With that sad unfortunate fact, let's hope there's a special place in the after-life for adoption profiteers like Larry S. Jenkins

LDS Family Services

Yesterday several people contacted us to nominate LDS Family Services:

I picked LDS Family Services because they have women at the churches to be spotters for single pregnant girls/women. They show films about how single girls should give their babies up. Also even after the mother brings her baby home and it is weeks or months later they are eagerly waiting for depression or being overwhelmed as it is never too late to do the "right thing." If you go to their web site you will see what I mean. There is some catchy saying about not giving your child up but giving them love. Need more info? They have ads on the BYU (Church) channel. They use young "birth mothers" to speak to single pregnant girls so they know what a great decision it is to give that baby up. And the families waiting are so so so grateful and superior etc.
One girl I heard about they had her talk to an adult man who had been raised by a single mom so he could share with the already frightened pregnant girl, his grim story of growing up.
You can be selfish or you can do what God wants you to do which is what is best for the child which is give that baby up.

Another nomination said:

Without a doubt: Latter Day Saints Family Services (LDSFS), the second largest NCFA member. Not only does it fight adoptees' rights, but it participates in thwarting of birthfathers' rights by approving the luring of pregnant women from their home states to Utah, where the fathers' home-state "putative father registries" are meaningless.

Gladney center for adoption

Just like other years people suggested us to nominate the Gladney center for adoption:

The Gladney Agency for Adoption: They are the only opponents we have in open records efforts here in Texas. The profits and salaries this agency makes are evidence of their stake in keeping adoption records sealed and that is keeping control of the huge amounts of money they take in. They have the audacity to host fund raisers all in the name of helping children (which we protest with signs and educate those attending) when in fact they lobby and market to separate first families.

Joint Council on International Children's Services

Another "notorious" nominee, the Joint Council on International Children's Services was mentioned:

I could only nominate the JCICS....they are the epicenter of everything bad in adoption....the new NCFA....NCFA by contrast is virtually the Holy Grail.

One nomination was even more specific, nominating JCICS's CEO Tom DiFilippo

Took much thought to narrow this down, but I nominate Tom DiFilipo for the 2010 award.

At this point I think he represents the worst of the agency apologists.

Scott Simon

Several people suggested to nominate Scott Simon:

I nominate Scott Simon for the 2010 Demons of Adoption Award for his vomit-inducing book “Baby, We Were Meant For Each Other” and his grotesque crying and blubbering about his purchasing of another human being.

I would also nominate Scott Simon; with one stupid book celebrated by the media he has set us back years. YEARS. He can't even bring himself to answer criticism on his NPR page, and needs to get Op-Editors from the Washington Post to champion him shows how worthy he is of this award.


Someone sent us the following nomination:

I hereby nominate WE TV ( for their hideously exploitative series ‘Adoption Diaries,’ turning what is a highly emotive and complex topic into ‘reality’ show fodder. As close runner-up, WE TV’s companion series ‘The Locator’. Host Troy Dunn has never been an adoption rights activist’s darling and has a past bad ‘rap sheet’ for charging inordinate sums of money to people for documents that should be theirs by right.

WE somehow managed to showcase two of the worst examples of adoption practice – both pre- and post-adoption – and make money off it.

Christian World Adoption

I'd like to nominate Christian World Adoption, exposed in Australian Broadcasting Corporation's documentary Fly away children, known from the Journee, Meya, and Maree Bradshaw case, the Johnson siblings case, Stoll v Christian World Adoption, Boe v Christian World Adoption. In their blind ambition to further their cause to "save" each and every orphan in this world, CWA makes victims among adoptees, first parents and adoptive parents alike.

Second the Nomination of CWA

CWA makes victims among adoptees, first parents and adoptive parents alike.

Exactly (or should I say Amen??)

In addition to their recent bad acts in Ethiopia, they have a long history of the same, including providing an umbrella accreditation for Ivan Jerdev of Yunona in Russia, employing Mai Ly Latrace of Project Faith in Vietnam

Southern Baptist Convention

More orphan crusaders, as you guys seem to call them.

Last year the Southern Baptist Convention passed resolution no. 2 , pushing the business interests of adoption agencies to the members of their church.

Eslinger & Knowles

received via email

I was born in SC in 1976. The attorneys who handled my private adoption were Victor\ia Eslinger and Lucy M. Knowles. (Eslinger & Knowles, Attorneys at Law)
Ms. Eslinger still handles family law cases, as I understand it. 

(See: Profile <> ) Ms. Knowles (the more evil of the two, in my opinion) has moved on to bigger and better things. (See: Profile <> ) 

I am not sure how involved Ms. Eslinger was with my case; I have a few letters written by Lucy, which mention Victoria having contacted my parents about the “availability of an adoptable baby.”

When I had contacted them back around 1995 to ask for non-identifying information and to check their files to see if my birth mother gave them permission to release any information to me, neither was very helpful. First, they insisted that I get my adoptive parents permission - even though I was 18. Then because their law firm had been defunct for some time, each claimed the other one had my file.  Finally, Lucy told me (in a very annoyed and mean manner) that the files have been destroyed. I asked if there had been a flood or fire but was then told the files were just destroyed after 7 years (which I have discovered is allowed under SC law and they are not required to give copies to the state for future reference). To this I angrily responded that I was not a tax return.
Luckily, my adopters saved every shred of paperwork they received. The only non-id I have is written in a letter to them and consists of the following: The natural mother is very intelligent and athletic. She has curly brown hair and brown eyes. She is of some Native American background. (Which I have found out to be a lie. DNA testing has proved there to be no Native blood.) The natural father has blond hair and blue eyes.
Four years later, when I did find my birth mother (without any help from Eslinger & Knowles), all the lies came to light. They told my birth mother (who was 16 and under pressure from her own mother) that a South Carolina Doctor and Nurse were adopting me. This could not be farther from the truth. My adoptive parents were from New Jersey; my a-father was a Public Accountant and my a-mother was a Legal Secretary at that time. My birth mother was not allowed to question them when they told her to sign a paper, which allowed me to be adopted out of SC. 
My birth mother also told me that she wrote a letter and asked to have it given to my adoptive parents, hoping they would give it to me when I turned 18. My adoptive parents received no such letter. My birth grandmother also confirmed the existence of this letter. My birth mom also told me that around the time I was 7, she wrote a letter to the attorneys asking for information about me. She wanted to know if I was okay and how I was coming along; she did not ask for anything that would identify me or tell her where I was. She said she received no response from them.
When I wrote to Eslinger and Knowles again around 2000 to inquire about the letter and my birth mom’s inquiry, I received letters of denial from both attorneys. However, Lucy Knowles was quick to call me and tell me very non-chalantly that my birth mother was lying and that no such letter was ever written. (And if you conveniently destroyed my file back in 1983, then how would you remember for sure that no letter was ever written?)
Anyway, this is why I nominate both of them as Demons in Adoption. 

I nominate Victoria because she still handles family law (and presumably adoptions). But, I nominate Lucy as the truly evil Demon in Adoption. My limited experience with her has shown her to be uncaring, nasty, mean and I believe she is also unscrupulous and corrupt. In support of my belief about her character and credibility, please read this blog-story about some recent dealings she has had. <>   (U.S. v. Martin F. Salazar - Case No.: 1:06cr123)

Jessica M. Bush
aka Baby Roe
aka Baby Girl Jameson

Hollywood spot-light

Can't have an award-show without America's favorite adopting celebrities, performing for the whole world to see.

Decisions, decisions.  Madonna and Angelina are getting old and Malawi and Ethiopia are losing their exotic edge .  Hmm.  Oh, I know, how about America's newly divorced and almost scandal-free sweetheart Sandra Bullock for choosing the must-have fashion accessory, a black infant, fresh from the American mother's loins!  Did Miss Congeniality  conveniently forget her role in the Blind Side?  Did she really need to buy herself an infant, knowing damn well there are plenty of older kids in American foster care needing a quality parent-figure and a decent home?  It's a shame Sandra had to become so Hollywood-typical.  


1  The state of UTAH and it's filthy adoption practices, stripping the rights of fathers, cohersing of pregant mothers into the state for the sheer purpose of adopting out their children



 3  LDS SERVICES   who's haunts are single,  pregnant, vulnerable  women,

 and maturnity wards. And are so proffitable in buying and selling children.

Council on Accreditation

Another organization nominated in previous years the Council on Accreditation:

I'd like to see the Council on Accreditation added as a nominee for their lack of research done on ICA agency histories prior to giving out the coveted Hague accreditation.  the web site, message board that most people get when ever they search adoption... and all it does to promote the bad side of adoption from attachment disorder therapy to whatever... 

I mean just try to post there... if you post anything but sappy crap you will get banned.... or of course you can also post about how bad your adopted kids are and how you must treat them like crap for attachment disorder therapy...

NJ ACLU for Demons in Adoption

I nominate NJ ACLU for the Demons in Adoption Award. They are opposing open records for adoptees with the lie that they are "protecting" closet moms, based on a "stack of anonymous letters" they claim came from anonymous birthmothers. They base their case on what someone may have assumed about eternal state protection, not what is actually written on surrender papers! Don't confuse them with facts, their minds are made up. They claim to be defenders of civil liberties while trampling on the rights of adoptees to their own identity and OBC.

American Adoption Congress

For masquerading as a 501 (c) (3) organization and continuing to accept donations after their corporation was dissolved in Missouri in November 2009 for failure to file an annual report. This includes soliciting for donations in violation of state laws.

For failing to remove state reps who were openly working against open access for adult adoptees, for years in one instance!

For failing to oppose legislation in Illinois that creates two classes of adoptees, those whose records were sealed retroactively but who now can obtain them and every other adoptee who continues to be deprived of their rights. This legislation was initially drafted by AAC's state rep in IL.

For sloppy business practices and slipshod management that allowed these things to happen and for refusing a financial accounting to members requesting it. 

For refusing to disclose the by-laws that govern the board's actions to the general membership.

For using donations to pay for travel expenses of their board members. 

For encouraging individual state representatives to form separate 501 (c) (3) groups to raise money for AAC expenses.

For attempting to claim credit in their e-letter for the successful work of the Adoptee Rights Day/ Adoptee Rights Coalition and other adoption reform groups and violating personal property rights by appropriating and using photographs without photographer credit or compensation.

If this organization is the friend of adoption reform, we don't need enemies. Reformers who want to see real change should be wary of this group and any organization or individual affiliated with them.

Christian Alliance for Orphans

I'd like to nominate the Christian Alliance for Orphans, for promoting the business interests of adoption agencies through churches.

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