Ramsey Shaud

23-year-old man, learned on December 19, 2009, his former girl-friend who was pregnant with his child at the time, was going to stay in Utah for some time. On January 13, 2010, Ramsey Shaud filed his claim to the child with the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics, two days before the birth of the child. Since entering his claim into the state's database took 7 days, he was one day late, and the adoption of his child proceeded.
Date: 2009-12-16
Persons involved: Larry S Jenkins


Crestview, Florida
United States
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Question(s) of the day....

can there be a more horrible place in Adoptionland than Utah?

With people like Larry S. Jenkins, who needs enemies?

I remember wishing my first-mother would find me.... when that didn't work, I prayed my birth-father had an interest.

When I read how LDS adoptions operate, I grow dark and very sick.




Someone once said to me: "No baby ever left Utah since the Mountain Meadows massacre".

For years adoption agencies have been creative jurisdiction shoppers. This was already known of illustrious adoption attorneys baby brokers such as Seymour Kurtz and Stanley Michelman, back in the 1960's and 70's. While demand was biggest in the North-East and Mid-West, adoption laws were most profit friendly in such states as Georgia, South Carolina and Arizona. Over the years the competitive advantages of these states have dwindled and by now Utah is the adoption capital of the US. There is not a damn thing that can be done about it. In Utah the state is the church and the church is the adoption agency.

The state of Utah is even so adoption friendly, LDS family services is the only adoption agency in the United States that is registered as a church. Because of that, they are tax excempt and don't even have to file financial figures with the IRS, unlike any other non-profit adoption agency. This is a status Lutheran Social Services or Catholic Charities don't even have.

U tah

Well, if you google all the child custody battles dating back to the Meadows Mountain Massacre you will find that it is true no child has left that state.  If you review the highest courts decisions in all of the custody battles the person trying to take the child out of the state of Utah has failed according to the high courts.  Failed, failed failed.  They never had a chance to begin with, and Baby Emma will fall victim to a bunch of Utah high court crap as well.


Larry Jenkins, now where have we heard of this guy before???? duhhhh.....also,  the lobbist for Utah in Washington said,,para- phrasing  "it is best for a child not to be a torn, toted back and forth between estranged un-wed parents, and that by being adopted out, of course in the state of Utah, by a member of the Mormon Church, this would prevent emotional harm to the child" (not his exact words).  Yet, what Mr. Jenkins and his Utah clan have failed to address and have never address is the impact that  being adopted and stolen from your birth mother or from a father who fought for you all the way up to the Utah supreme court has on a child.  If it were me, and I found out that there was a sane family or sane family member who fought for me, who fought for justice, and their rights as a parent to me I would be enraged at being adopted out, by way of deceit. 

LDS, the church that is profitting.



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