Kevin and Kody Pribbernow

Kevin and Kody Pribbernow, you mom and dad Faith and Kevin Baden love you very much, and they want you both, to come back home and live with them in Alpena,Michigan. 

You can contact them.

989-340-0089  email them at

Faith and Kevin Baden

709 Long Lake Ave

Alpena,Mi 49707

We know you boys have been in this abusive adopted home. We have copies of the police report where Jessica and Joshua admit to the police about locking you boys out on the back deck when someone ate donuts. We know about you being locked up in the basement room,and that Joshua put chicken wire over the window so you couldn't get out Kody. Steven and Paul have been telling us about the abuse in your home. How you, Kody get jerked around by the arms, locking you out on the patio and trying to scare you and not letting you back inside. Kody, they told us about how you went to school with a cut lip and a bruised cheek and you were told to lie about how you got injured. Friends of Stevens have seen marks on his back, Steven reports being hit with belts. We are working very hard on getting you boys away from Jessica. Hundreds of people are working on getting you boys help, and to get you out of there. You also have rights, and can sue her once you turn 18. Kevin you can do this very soon, Kody we will help you as well. Kevin when you turn 18 in 2012 in two years you can come home. We are waiting for you. In 20 months you can come home!! We will have a huge party for you, with all the family and our supporters who have been helping us. Our supporters want to throw you boys a huge party for when you come home.

 Hang in there, and contact your mom and dad, you have a home in Alpena, Michigan and a dog named Nikki. Kody and Kevin I know how much you love animals. You brought strays home all the time. Kevin, remember how you used to help the lady that lived behind you in Skidway on Van Street? You used to play with her grandkids. You would help her clean out her garage, and rake up leaves, and take things out to the end of her driveway? Kevin remember how you would help in the classroom, and with the other kids in your class? Do you rememeber Gerrish Higgins Elementary in St. Helens Mi, where grandma Baden lives? Kevin do you remember playing with all the kids at grandma Badens house, on her road? And that you loved to hang out with your cousins? Grandma Baden missed you boys and can't wait to see you again. They are waiting for you boys. Her number is 1-989-389-7042 she loves you both so much. Grandma still lives in the same brown house that she always lived in. Uncle Todd still lives in St. Helen. Alisha and Todd still live in St. Helen.TJ still lives with grandma, and he is 19 years old, Alisha is 16.  Uncle Craig, Aunt Debbie, Gramma Great Gramma Baden is still alive. Krystal is still in St. Helens and has three little babies, a set of twins and a boy named Randy who is 7 years old. Your cousin Rachel is in St. Helens, she has three kids, two girls and one boy. Matt is there and he has no kids. Kody remember how you used to love to sing your two favorite songs? One from Uncle Cracker called Follow Me? And the other was called Good Morning Beautiful. Kody you loved to tag along with your brothers, you wanted to be like the big boys.

There isn't a day that goes by that they don't think of you boys.


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