Forced adoption: social workers' surreal investigation recalls 'satanic abuse' scandals

In one ongoing case, social workers are pursuing the most surreal inquiries, says Christopher Booker

By Christopher Booker

August 14, 2010/

There could have been few more bizarre meetings anywhere in Britain last week than that between a married mother and the social workers who had taken her six young children to place them unhappily in foster care. The officials, of a council I cannot name, are fixated with the idea that this respectable Christian is a "sex worker", whose children all have different fathers and who is engaged in "child trafficking".

They appear to have no evidence for these charges other than the hearsay surmising of a single "witness". I gather that the social workers had reluctantly agreed to commission DNA testing of parents and children, to establish whether they were all from the same father. But even now, I am told, the social workers are refusing to disclose the test results.

Perhaps we are not very far here from those extraordinary cases some 20 years ago when children were torn away from their families wholesale because social workers had concocted a fantasy that they were being abused in weird satanic rituals (a story I told in my book Scared To Death).

It is vitally important that when this case again comes before the courts, the judge should put the council's supposed evidence to very careful test.

I look forward to being able to report in due course that this horrible farce has been brought to an end and that the distraught parents have been reunited with their children.


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