NSCDC Rescues 17 Ladies From Illegal Maternity Home

Date: 2009-12-01

By Ben Duru Correspondent, Umuahia

Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Abia State command, has rescued about 17 young ladies allegedly held against their will by an illegal maternity home at Amarorji Ukwu village in Obingwa Local Government Area.

Daily Independent gathered that the young ladies were kept behind closed doors to deliver babies that would eventually be adopted by unsuspecting members of the public, and that proprietor of the home pretends to be pastor of a Pentecostal church in the area.

Public Relations Officer of the Corps, Soji Alabi, who represented the commandant, said in Umuahia that proprietress of the home, Pastor Ngo Michael, had earlier been fingered in child trafficking, illegal adoption and sale of babies.

He explained that several traps set to bring her to book proved abortive as she escaped from the law each time they attempted to arrest her.

The spokesman pointed out that cases of child trafficking and illegal adoption of children perpetrated through such rehabilitation homes had become rampant in the state, especially in Aba and environs.

He said that available records with the NSCDC showed that not less than six of such raids were carried out on illegal maternity homes each year.

Alabi explained that the latest raid on November 25, 2009, followed a tip-off and that the proprietor escaped, but some young ladies still pregnant were found.

According to him, the 17 young ladies aged between 14 and 24 were eventually arrested, adding that 13 of them were still pregnant while four had delivered through caesarian operation. He added that the vicinity of the maternity was an eyesore.

He also lamented that the proprietress, who was caught a day after the raid following a surveillance mounted by officers and men of the command, later confessed that she had been in the business for three years.

Head, Disaster Department of the command, Mrs. Bridget Ogolo, who is a certified nurse, said that examinations carried out on the suspects showed that some of them had developed infections.

She, however, said the command would ensure that those that developed infections would be treated and other tests carried out on others before any further action would be taken.

But the proprietress (names withheld) who spoke from hospital bed following an earlier ailment, said her maternity home, Daughters of Zion Rehabilitation Centre, was registered with the Welfare Association, not the state’s Ministry of Women Affairs.


Fine Maternity Services in less-than-ideal Maternity Homes

To begin, I first learned about maternal health-care/support in Maternity Homes when I read about Canada's own Ideal Maternity Home.  After that, I learned about The Magdalene Sisters, and then I learned more about Maternity Homes in the USA

I thought I read the worst there is to read.

I'm both amused and disturbed the PPL pages always manage to teach me something new.

<regrouping my own thoughts....>

For just one moment, let's not focus on things like young ladies were allegedly held against their will or the vicinity of the maternity was an eyesore or examinations carried out on the suspects showed that some of them had developed infections.

Let's focus, instead on the fact that this sort of  forced-situation can easily translate into 'legal' adoption practice, because when it comes to defining who is a widow, who is an orphan, and who may be adoptable through an orphanage/adoption agency, documents collected for verification are not at all as reliable as one might hope, especially in a country like Nigeria.

According to one report:

On the issue of authentication of official documents, the British-Danish 2008 FFM Report stated:

“When asked whether birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates could be authenticated, the ECO stated that there is no federal government central registry office where copies of all birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates can be obtained. Such documents are most frequently obtained by Nigerian citizens who need them, from local authorities and local registry offices. Likewise with passports, these can be obtained from local passport offices as there was not, until very recently, a centralised passport-issuing agency. He was uncertain as to whether local authorities or local registry offices routinely keep copies of documents but believes some may do. The ECO further stated that the process of issuing official documents in Nigeria is often poorly regulated, and issued documents can often be unreliable, having had little or no verification involved in their production.

“In practice, attempts to authenticate birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates are rarely made by ECOs. This is because the process of authenticating these kinds of documents is often difficult, time-consuming and in some cases, not possible.

[From:  Country of Origin Information Report:  Nigeria, July 9, 2010 ]

So, if it's a fact, Babies are bred for sale, in Nigeria, and these babies are coming from Maternity Homes, what does this say about the international adoption industry, and those who seek to save "orphans" in poverty-stricken regions like Nigeria... or Bulgaria.... or Ethiopia

Do many adopters understand what Maternity Services mean to those not fluent in Positive Adoption Language?

And if an adopter read a violation was reported against a popular adoption agency, like Bucker Adoption and Maternity Services, would the PAP start to re-think 'what's being done' to those encouraged to accept the help/services provided by a Maternity Home -- or would that adoption candidate continue to follow "The Lie We Love"?

At some point, it can't be enough to claim an adoption is legal because,  "proper consent was given".

In many cases, parents in impoverished countries are denied that opportunity.   And sadly, as a result, far too many illegal adoptions have been miraculously changed into 'legal adoptions', for not other reason than to appease certain members of the adoption community.

But in cases like this 'females forced to birth', where coersion takes on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL, the cruelty done to another, for the sake of an adoption-plan, is inexcusable and goes beyond a momentary slip in morals or ethics.

Personally, I cannot understand how the adopting community condones the use of Maternity Homes as a baby-producing resource for the adoption industry.  It sickens me to learn what poor and desperate females will feel forced to do, just so foreigners can have an infant.  And in this particular case example, even the short-term care provided was negligent, at best.

Health services for the pregnant and newborn should not require an adoption-plan!!!

I find myself very frustrated and sad more do not know more about The Dark Side of Adoption, and adoption facts like what's written above, and below:

unwed mothers homes operate as supply zones for this export raw material. ‘Virtually from conception, the adoption agencies have established a system of guaranteeing a steady supply of healthy  children. They support pregnant women’s homes; in fact, three of the four recognised agencies run their own. One of the agencies has its own maternity hospital and does its own delivery. All four provide and subsidise childcare. All pay foster mothers about $80 a month to care for the infants, and the agencies provide the food and the clothing and other supplies free of charge.

[From:  Four myths about intercountry adoption. (Myth # 4:  Adoption agencies are charitable bodies ) ]

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