Judge unfreezes account of Cranberry couple accused in scheme

Date: 2009-12-12

An Allegheny County judge has unfrozen one account of a Cranberry chiropractor and his wife to allow the couple to pay bills while investigators continue to examine whether the couple drained a $1 million trust set up for two children left orphaned by a murder-suicide.

Common Pleas Judge Lawrence J. O'Toole froze the couple's assets last month at the request of Allegheny County prosecutors who are investigating trustees Daniel and Merily Pompa. No charges have been filed. Attorneys on both sides are scheduled to reconvene in February, O'Toole said.

The Pompas gained guardianship of the children -- now 13 -- after their father, Leslie John Young, fatally shot their mother, Lisa Young, and himself in their Florida home in 2003. Lisa Young was Merily Pompa's cousin


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