Nepal - Kaushal and Karuna, children of Rajan Kumar Nepali and wife Maya

Rajun and Maya placed their 6-yo son and 3-yo daughter in an orphanage for temporary care. When they returned to pick them up, they discovered both children's names were changed: Kaushal and Karuna to Dharma and Ahimsa. The children's paperwork was being readied for intercountry adoption. Orphanage director Sabitri Basnet, would only return their son Kaushal.

Several months later, Karuna was in the custody of a US family for adoption. The child was eventually returned to the orphanage, and then to her parents.

Dates: Children were placed in the orphanage in 2008 (forged paperwork says 7/2/2008). Son was returned in mid 2009, daughter was in custody of US family in September 2009.

Date: 2009-06-01
Number of children: 2


Kathmandu, Bagmati
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