Case FIR No. 613/09

Date: 2010-03-19

See page 1 and page 13 attached below. Page 13 contains the following

Case FIR No. 613/09 dated 14-10-2009 U/S 3/4 PACHTO, P.S. AHTC, Rawalpindi

On receipt of information from US Embassy Islamabad, an enquiry was conducted and subsequently case was registered by Anti Human Trafficking Circle, Rawalpindi, against accused

(1) Afzal Masih S/o Walayat Masih Padree, R/o Islamabad,

(2) Sadeem Masih S/o Qamaruzzan R/o Faisalabad,

(3) Tariq Masih S/o Samuel Masih, R/o Faisalabad and

(4) Saleem Masih S/o Dilawar Masih, Faisalabad,

who were involved in illegal trafficking of child Miss Marina D/o Tariq Masih to USA. Challan of the case has been submitted in the relevant court.


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