Pakistan - misc child trafficking cases

Misc Child Trafficking for adoption cases including:

Documents were presented with presumed christian children only to be found as forgeries by USCIS after guardianship was granted to US parents. In 2 cases, both the child's Birth Certificate and the alleged mother's Death Certificate were forged.

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Date: 2009-01-01
Number of children: 60


Organizations: Pakistan Association Global Adoption Services, United Christian Orphans (Pakistan), Sina Health and Welfare society, Gilgit Pakistan
Persons: Sadeem Shargeel, Izak Javed, Pastor Afzal Bhatti, Pastor Kamran John, Pastor Salim Masih, Tariq Masih, Mr. Sadeem [Masih?], Daniel Lagu


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Astute observation.  It sure makes me think:  just how ethical and "legal" falsifying documentation -- or worse, ABSENT documentation -- really is, in such regions?

Meanwhile, adamant APs convinced their own adoption agencies are top-notch, (and their adoptions are therefore legal), are the first to pounce when accusations of wrong-doing have been made.  Not only that, they get angry if anyone suggests their own adoptions "look bad".  News flash, almost ALL adoptions from questionable regions look bad... that's just a fact known by those who follow this nonsense game filled with semantics.

It's a crazy mixed-up place, Adoptionland.

Only time will tell what this generation of adoptees are going to think once they are old enough  to do their own uncensored adoption research.  As for my own brothers and sisters from the Closed Era of adoption... many of us got royally pissed once we learned what was being done, "legally", to make an infant "adoptable".  [For example, see: Maternity Homes]

I can only hope today's APs are prepared for the questions they will receive... because there will be many.

It seems people are

It seems people are arrested, convicted and then released/found innocent of charges with alarming regularity in Pakistan child trafficking situations.


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