Pauly Shore Mocks 'Mother Teresa' Angelina Jolie, Celebrities Who Adopt From Africa

By Hollie McKay

July 23, 2010/Fox news

Comedian Pauly Shore already has jaws dropping over his controversial mockumentary "Adopted," which satires the multitude of Hollywood celebrities who build their families through international adoption.

But in the wake of the film's recent release, there is one  star-studded couple that wants to give Shore a good scolding.

"I am excited as Brad and Angelina are here, they want to talk to me ... They're not to happy that I was making fun of them adopting children in Africa. But its better they come after me than Oprah," Shore told Fox 411's Pop Tarts at the Comic Con Convention in San Diego on Thursday. "I wanted to take a serious subject and poke fun at it." 

While it is all designed to be in good humor, it seems there's still a serious note embedded between the lines.

Shore argues that celebrities seem to forget that American children need adopting too, and "that's not cool," Shore said. 

So why does the "Encino Man" sensation think so many stars -- from Brangelina to Madonna to Katherine Heigl and Meg Ryan -- look outside our borders to give a child in need a better life?

"Celebrities want to save the world," he explained. "Look at Angelina, she has a Mother Teresa quality. She wants to do good and adopt one child at a time." 

Shore is fully prepared to take on any backlash that stems from the touchy topic explored in the mockumentary - but to illuminate his deepest respects to Tinseltown, he hopes the backlash "will be in (his) buttocks." 


Furthermore, Shore shared his remorse over the makeover of the iconic Wonder Woman, who, after 69 years, was forced to discard her patriotic get-up in favor of a more "global" appeal. 

"I'm not feeling it, they've got to go back to the 70's," he insisted.



Pales in comparison

While I'm always up for a good satirical look at anything that pokes fun at International Adoption and those who insist all is 'good' when one decides to save and collect so-called orphans found in various parts around the world (as if children ought to be great living souvenirs found on some exotic trip...), I can't help but think PS falls a bit short on all that can and should be said about Celebrity Salvation, and those invading poor countries to obtain children.

That being known, I gladly re-direct readers/viewers to a much better spoof --  one that better reflects the stupidity seen and heard in Adoptionland. See Save The Orphans (from Two and a Half Men), and note the lyrics to the catchy-song.

There's no tree at christmas time,
No pumpkin holidays
No candles on the birthday cake,
No reason to believe.
He works all day in a cold dark mine,
His little lung's filled with soot.
Her mom is Kim Jong's concubine,
Her dad was killed by the Tonton Macoute.

Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Save the orphans (ahahahah).
Don't do it for me!
Don't do it for you!
Do it for little Kim Sung (tiktok) and Napoo!
Yeah, save the orphans (ahahahah),
Come on, everybody!
Save the orphans (ahahahah),
They're tax-deductible!
Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Get them while they're still cute!

Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Get them young, teach them your tongue!
Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Woody Allen can't marry them all!
Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Some of them don't even have parents!
Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Get two, get one free!
Save the orphans (ahahahah),
Use them as bait for scholarships!
Save the orphans (ahahahah...)

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