Adopted Russian child killed in USA


18 June 18, 2010

While the USA and Russia are finalizing talks on adoption, another Russian child has been killed in the USA, reports news agency Itar-Tass.

Jackson David Attuso, age 8, of Clinton, Louisiana was assaulted while walking with his foster mother and brother. The relatives lost sight of him only to find his dead body with numerous stabbing wounds and his throat cut.

Trevor Reese, a 16-year-old senior from a local school, has been arrested on suspicion of murder. According to the sheriff, Trevor Reese did not deny his guilt and even boasted about the crime, reports local media.

The motives for the crime are still unclear. Reese comes from a wealthy family and reportedly is a good student.

Currently he is awaiting trial in prison as the trial date has already been set. Moreover, he will be tried as an adult, even though Reese will be 17 years old in a month.

Jackson David Attuso was adopted in Russia’s Far East in 2003. According to unverified information, he had the surname Kazantsev.

The chain of episodes involving abuse and deaths of Russian adopted children in the USA has recently led to a temporary freeze on adoption. The last straw was an American foster mother sending her seven-year-old child back to Russia alone with a note saying she no longer needed him.

Both countries have held a number of consultations to elaborate on the procedures for adoption to protect Russian children abroad. The talks are currently in their final stage.


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