Jailhouse Phone Call: Elizabeth Johnson & Tammi Smith

Date: 2010-05-04

If alive, baby Gabriel turns 1 May 3

PHOENIX - May 3 is Gabriel Johnson's first birthday, but it's a sad celebration for his family. The baby has been missing since December.

His mother, Elizabeth Johnson, has given police several stories about the boy's whereabouts -- at one point even saying she killed him. But now she maintains she gave the boy to an unknown couple at a park in San Antonio.

FOX 10 has obtained exclusive jailhouse phone conversations between Johnson and Tammi Smith, the only other person under investigation in the case.

Smith is the woman who almost adopted baby Gabriel before he disappeared. She's been charged with trying to forge documents to gain custody of the child.

In the phone call, Smith accuses Johnson of destroying her life. The two spoke via jailhouse phone back in January. In turn, Elizabeth Johnson suggests Tammi Smith and her husband Jack arranged for a couple to take baby Gabriel.

Elizabeth: Yeah you set it all up they were your friends.
Tammi: No they weren't! Then what's their names if they're my friends?
Elizabeth: I don't know you set it all up in San Antonio.
Tammi: I talked about San Antonio? Elizabeth I don't know anyone in San Antonio, they already did the research and found I don't know anyone in San Antonio. There are no dots that connect me to you in San Antonio.
Elizabeth: Then it was Jack's friends like you said.

From day one, Smith has denied knowing about Gabriel's whereabouts. But Johnson says it was Smith's advice that landed her in jail.

Elizabeth: You told me to go to a shelter and pretend I was being beat.
Tammi: No, I told you instead of running and hiding and changing your identity go to a shelter don't just go run and hide your identity. What was illegal?
Elizabeth: From the very beginning it was illegal, lying about the paternity of the fatherhood, putting your cousin's name.
Tammi: In my mind that wasn't anything illegal. That was me helping you fill out your paperwork.

During the entire conversation, Smith never admits to having a couple pick up the baby at a San Antonio park Dec. 27.

Tammi: Just so you know we will be suing you.
Elizabeth: For what? What did I do to you?
Tammi: For ruining our lives.
Elizabeth: You ruined my life!
Tammi: I didn't tell you any lies.
Elizabeth: Tou ruined my life from the very beginning. I trusted you I believed you. You are totally not the person you said you were.
Tammi: Elizabeth you have destroyed our lives!

Johnson is back in her jail cell after spending over a week in a psychiatric unit for refusing to eat. As for Logan McQueary, he is still hopeful that his son is alive.


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