Announcing the new arrival: PAL goes psycho

Just in case anyone does not know about, or has not seen, the many ways in which parents/friends celebrate the coming of a new (adopted) arrival, I'd like to offer some links, hoping they bring an ewe, AND a smile.....

By Show of Hands, Who Thinks We Should Call Child Protective Services?

Return of the Belly Cake and  Belly Cakes, Continued  v. Reality Bites  and It Came From the Baby Shower...

...and my personal favorites: 

"Baby" Showers (I'm guessing those "babies" must have been adopted....) and The Labor of Love (for those who don't want anyone guessing the baby's origins).



This is seriously disturbing, but it also made laugh out loud (something I don't often do, and which by itself is highly disturbing)

I know people get really crazy over babies, mariages (some horrible cake designs in that genre too), but it never ceases to amaze me how crazy people get wanting to outdo the other.

The sleeping baby cakes somehow reminded me of the reborn dolls, with the only difference that the cake versions can actually be canibalize. I wonder who had the honor of slicing the cake.

Morose and Unappetizing

I suppose we should be glad there's no fetus cake in the disembodied belly cake. :/

People are so effing weird. LOL!


I suppose we should be glad there's no fetus cake in the disembodied belly cake.

You mean like this one?  Happy Labor Day!


Oh dear, that was a true mess. LOL!

More for the parents who are lucky enough to pay the fees

I am so grossly disturbed by what is being sent my way, thanks to some really cool and funny AP's.

[Yes, kids, they really DO exist.... crazy, ain't it?]

First, may I introduce the sonogram that comes with a foreign adoption plan. 

Guatemala Adoption Sonogram

Ummm.... can I insert my face in that photo, and use it as a "Please don't sell me" T-shirt?  [BTW, I never realized how much Newfoundland, NJ, and Guatemala look somewhat similar, from an aerial, mapped view.  Creepy how one disfigures the other's extended appendages.]

Then, the lucky tourist shirt, complete with perfect sugar-coated PC bullshit all over it:

Last but not least..... are these lopsided/uneven Gotcha Boobs?  With a young babe in-between?  (uh.....ewe)

Awkward Family Photo

Disturbing is too kind of a word. SICK is more like it. Can you imagine the photos those children have to endure, especially if their Aparents wear the Tshirt!?! Even worse, imagine the mini-van pulling up to school with THAT bumper sticker? O M G! Years of therapy in the making.

I think it is time that APs get a REALITY CHECK of what they are doing to the children. These children are PEOPLE and they not to be advertised like a good deed. Though the the stuff posted is extremely initially funny, what follows is an ill feeling that these children's Afamilies are so blind to see the damage that they are doing.

blessed by adoption

How about being forced to wear this?

Yea, I want a shirt that says it's all about ME....

One could google and find a number of people ready to sell the adoption t-shirt that says: "It's all about ME"

But I think I would have liked this one, for myself, while I was pregnant, with twins: 

(Ever see what a multiple pregnancy does to a woman's body?)

Inside jokes aside, I am learning some AP's are using self-congratulating adoption T-shirts as a way to pay for another child for the family.

I kid you not.

On one site, the future wanna-adopter writes:  "We are currently in the process of our 2nd adoption.  100% of the proceeds fund our adoption.  Until adoption reform takes place, the adoption process is very costly, so we appreciate your support"

[the new pregnant shop]

um.... anyone?  "Adoption reform" + cost of child = selling adoption t-shirts as a form of earning the money that will pay the required fees for an adoption/children's "charity"?


birth complications

And then of course there is always the celebration of cardio-vascular parturition:


Happy as a pig

I am not sure exactly what the message is of this tile coaster, but apparently it is supposed to be cute. Still wondering what Porky represents.

re: "It's All About Me!" Tshirt

Finally, a Tshirt that fits "most" APs!

Come to think of it...

From mugs to yoga mats, beyond what were they thinking....come to think of it...someone IS making money. Just a simple google of CafeExpress yields over 27,000 adoption items!

The below is from:

Seems Adopters like these:
Superman was adopted.
Adoption Rocks! (short and to the point)... ( pet rocks?)
Focus on your own family. (Not for a child, obviously. And I know it’s snarky. It just hits home for me.)


Don’t tell my parents, but they don’t look a thing like me. (Though I would never actually have my child wear this shirt, I like the sentiment. I could see an adult adoptee using it as a bumper sticker for example.)
Pretty, cute, and [insert country of origin here]. (I feel that this is about pride in one’s heritage, personally.)
One Family. Many Colors. Lots of Love. (Not sure I’d make a child wear this, but I can totally see wearing it as a parent to an adoption- or parenting-related event.)
A shirt with the world on it proclaiming “We are family”.
Sent from heaven by way of [country]. (For a really little kid, this would be cute.)
Paper Pregnant * Adoption in Progress (I know some people have issues with the term “paper pregnant”. I don’t. I would be prepared to get some pretty strange and even angry glances if I wore this, but I’d still wear it.)

Hate It

Worth the wait. (First thought: And biological kids aren’t? Second thought: This is making your child an advertisement for adoption.)
Guatemama and Guatepapa (First thought: Those words just sound ugly. Second thought: Reminds me way too much of BabyMama.)
Adopt: The best thing you can do for a child. (So many ways this is not true.)
Sorry to have kept you all waiting. (Because you know, it’s the child’s fault.)
A name label that reads “Hello, I’m Adopted”
Sorry Angelina, I’m taken. (Can we be done with the Angelina jokes, please?)
Angelina adopted me. (Apparently not.)
Child birth is an act of nature. Adoption is an act of God.
adoptive mommy (Because we want to reinforce that being an “adoptive” mommy is different than being a mommy mommy?)
i will be a mother (Who are you trying to convince?)
My mom does have one of her own – ME! (Again with the child advertising adoption.)
My Mommy & Daddy went to [country] and all they brought back was me. (Because self-effacing humor looks so good when worn on unsuspecting children.)

What Were They Thinking???

An ultrasound picture with the outline of China traced on it.
same love. no labor. (Are you serious?!?)
Made in China. (Hardee har har)
Even my kid was made in China. (har har)
Shh… I’m adopted. (It’s a onesie. *sigh*)
Make the neighbors wonder, consider transracial adoption. (My husband says, “That’s… hilarious…”)
Spicy Hunan Girl (As a toddler’s shirt. If a teenager wanted to wear this, that’s between her and her parents.)
I’m simply priceless. (And your parents are tasteless too.)
motherhood. no stretch marks required. (On a personal level, I find this a little funny. It’s also incredibly insulting.)
I know a little Russian… wanna meet her? (Are you a parent or a pimp?)
Hands off! Unless you’re my mom or dad. Bonding in process. (A little over the top are we?)
Ethiopia… Birthplace of coffee and my grandchild.

who's counting?

Here is another little gem.

The number of orphans referred to here stem from an estimate made by UNICEF, which is based on a the definition that a child is called an orphan when (s)he has lost one or both parents.

The estimated number of orphans according to UNICEF was 143 million in 2003. That number was revised to 132 million in 2008, at least according to UNICEF. Of course there are others that claim UNICEF's estimates are different from what UNICEF itself says:, claims Unicef estimated the number of orphans in 2008 to be 210 million., claims Unicef speaks of 148 million orphans in 2008. claims Unicef estimates amount to 149 Million orphans claims Unicef reported about 153 million orphans claims Unicef has counted 142 million orphans claims Unicef produced an estimate of 137 million orphans

Apparently the various orphan crusaders don't seem to care about a couple of million orphans more, except of course for that one that could be subtracted from the total.

Don't forget Bethany, the mother-ship of ICA

Let us not forget Demon of Adoption Award Winner, Bethany Christian Services, and the numbers they produce, for the sake of future-sales.  In addition to boasting their boost in recent "orphan" adoption placements, a relatively recent press-release announced product orphan numbers, unique to/for Bethany:

"With more than 163 million orphans around the world, it is greatly encouraging to see so many people willing to provide a loving home to a child in need of one," said Bill Blacquiere, president and CEO at Bethany Christian Services. "We expect adoptions will continue to rise as new movements within the Christian community raise awareness and aid for the global orphan crisis. The support our families have received from churches and congregations across the United States has been inspiring and we're very grateful."

[From:  Adoptions Increase by Nearly 13% from Previous Year, February, 2011 ]

Thanks to maternity home services, (exclusive maternal/newborn health-care providors/crisis pregnancy specialists), and the staffing ratios such facilities provide, (made possible via adoption support-funding programs and "parent-companies"), more and more paying PAP's, (wishing for adoption reform and lower prices), will be able to buy MORE "I  adoption" T-shirts, made in China, Ethiopia, Nepal, wherever the traveling AP desires/picks.

 Ah... good news for the modern adopter who cannot wait to buy, then don the T-shirt that fits like a second skin, proudly announcing to all who will look (and envy?) "adoption is the new pregnancy".

Muchos gracias, (thanx) all you anti-abortion, forced-foreign surrogacy advocates!

[Who doesn't love a freshly reproduced HEALTHY (drug-free) orphan?] 

Hey, BTW....speaking of product-placement.... since Barbie/Mattel owns rights to "Going Home Barbie", (made in China), and competition is good for the ecomony, what are the chances recent law-suit winners Bratz Dolls/MGA will do it's own version of "My First Adoption-Home" doll?  Afterall, even the big-growing guns in child fun/entertainment admit,

"It very well shows that in America, even huge corporations are not above the law," Larian told Reuters afterward.

 [From:  Mattel Loses Lawsuit With MGA Entertainment Over Bratz Dolls, April, 2011] 

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