John Wyatt (baby Emma case)

Baby Emma was born February 20, 2009 in Woodbridge, Virginia. Her mother, Emily Colleen Fahland, put the child up for adoption without consent of John Wyatt, the father of the child. Baby Emma was placed with a Utahn couple.

Officials in Virginia have stated John Wyatt made his claim to fatherhood within the designated time limit, while officials in Utah use different criteria, rendering his claim futile.
Date: 2009-02-20
Persons involved: Larry S Jenkins


Woodbridge, Virginia
United States
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Father loses bid to overturn his daughter’s adoption because he did not file paperwork on time2011-07-20
Virginia man challenges Utah's adoption laws2010-09-10
Va. father fights for baby Emma in Utah court2010-09-09
Utah Supreme Court to hear dad’s bid for his baby2010-09-08
'Baby Emma' case puts state adoption laws between father, child2010-04-14

Baby Emma, is stuck in UTAH, the Adoption Warehouse state

Poor Mr. Wyatt, his daughter was taken to Utah, the Adoption Warehouse state. 

 Where the kids come in but never come out.

The court of Appeals in Utah heard this case on May 24, 2010.  The three judges will take their time deciding this case. The decision could take years.  And of course, Baby Emma will remain in the home of the LDS adoptive couple. 

The GAL on the Appellate level, yes in Utah there is a GAL on the appellate level who has a "standard" argument that, because Utah is a "best interest" state, and this poor baby Emma has been in a Utah home for a year now, it will be in her best interest to leave her with the LDS family instead of giving her back to her biological father.

Utah, holds firm to not allowing biological fathers to parent their own children.

Larry Jenkins, is a member of the American Adoption Academy, he is representing the "adoptive parents".

Utah has an monopoly on taking children. It's criminal.




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