US suspended from adopting Russian children

April 15, 2010 /

Moscow has suspended the adoption of Russian children by American families until the two countries sign an agreement on how the well-being of the children is safeguarded.

The decision, announced by spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Nesterenko, was taken after an adopted Russian boy was rejected and sent back all alone to Russia by his adopted American mother.

An American delegation headed by Michael Kirby, a senior diplomat who deals with adoption issues in the Bureau of Consular Affairs, will soon arrive to Moscow to discuss the issue. One principal question Russia wants from table is a bilateral agreement on international adoption, the Russian diplomat said.

“Russia believes that only such an agreement endorsing working mechanisms for monitoring of living conditions of children adopted from Russia by our and American monitors will guarantee that no tragedies like those, which already happened in America, will happen again,” Nesterenko said.

The agreement requested by the Russian side is now being prepared, confirmed US Ambassador to Moscow John Beyrle, commenting on the news for Itar-Tass news agency. He added such a document is long overdue.

Earlier on Monday Dmitry Medvedev sponsored such an agreement when commenting on the scandalous case. The Russian president branded the American family’s rejection of the boy they adopted as both amoral and illegal and also mentioned several other cases when Russian children adopted by American citizens were mistreated and even died in their new parents’ care.

“I believe that considering the negative experience we have in the area, we and our American partners should think of adopting an intergovernmental agreement, which would firmly fix responsibility of the adoptive parents accepting children from Russia and provide possibility of monitoring of such families. The trend is worrisome, and it’s sad,” Medvedev said.

Seven-year-old Artyom Savelyev was sent by his adoptive mother Torry Ann Hansen to Moscow alone on a plane. She claimed that the boy had psychological problems and that after living with the boy for several months she had to send him back to the orphanage. It is still not clear why the family didn’t take the legal path to cancel the adoption, since they are now refusing to talk to the American investigation and cannot be arrested without charges.

The incident caused uproar in Russia, where mistreatment of Russian children in foreign families is taken to heart by many. Several top officials including the chair of the upper chamber of Parliament called for a moratorium on the adoption of Russian children by Americans after the incident.

For Americans, Russia is the third most popular country to adopt a child from. Over the last five years US families have adopted more than 14,000 Russian kids.

The Russian prosecution says that three Russian children have been killed while in the care of their adopted families in America since 2006, which is when Moscow put into force stricter adoption rules for foreigners.


Adoption Researcher, here goes re-habing ADOPTION Practices


As Neil's has so eloquently pointed out the concept of adoption has been taken over by capitalist.
Adoption is similar to the brokerage business, it has become just that a "business"
 buy the children at a low price and sell them at a high price. It is trendy!
It has become a business full of parasites.
Put philanthropy into adoption.
PEAR needs to be the "watch dog" and coordinator" not JCICS.
Take GOD out of adoption.   God never meant to be used as a "driver" to screw/destroy families.
No longer should religion be used as a means to get children.
Banish,     Catholics, Jewish, Lutheran, Mormon, Baptist, Christian Adventist agencies.
Remove, the "neediness" of the children, stop preying on the emotions of people with consciences.
Let's face it there are poor countries in this world.  I have seen dirt poor in my travels but one thing they all have in common is the biggest smiles in the world, they have those smiles because they are content, they are happy with their lives.  It is the Americans who think that "they can not possibly be happy without OUR lifestyle. 
 That is simply not true.  I have seen bare bottom kids in Nepal, covered with dirt and flies, clinging to their mothers, always giggling. I have watched the poorest wash themselves and their laundry in the most filthy of rivers, Mekong, waving and smiling as I go past.  I have encountered young children near the Tibetan borders caring baskets of straw that out weighs them by 100 lbs, smiling. Like most travelers, I am enriched by experiencing their culture.  Ask any person from Indian, what they loathe about their country today and they will tell you, they have lost their culture to Americanism.
It is their culture, it is their way of life, it is their ancestry, they are proud of their heritage, it is more valuable to them than most possessions that Americans have.
If all these "do-gooders"really care about the welfare of children they will do it for free.
Adoption agency's will be treated like publicly held corporations.
Screw up and we the people will know , we are your shareholders, just like a corporation you will be held accountable.
*  Ten year moratorium on International Adoptions into the U.S.
Taking the U.S. out of the equation of international adoptions, will result in
 demand fall, reflecting lower supply of orphans. The U. S. is driving the market of adoption high.
It will take us ten years to place in homes, all of the children who are growing up in US Foster Care.  Let's start at home and take care of our own.
We need to rid the USA of Foster Care, it is ineffective, demoralizing for a child, and corrupt.  Foster Care has evolved into a business for greedy money chasers, with all the wrong priorities.
We will need those ten years to add university level courses to educate LSW, agency owners, attorneys, INS, Police, Family Services, FBI, Hague.
The university classes will be instruction on adopted child psychology, child trafficking, adopted child abuse, adopted  child abandonment, attachment issues etc.
These classes will be mandatory, and at the graduate level.  The Master's degree in Adoption practices.
*Social workers
Social workers will learn about ethics, and how to weed out poor candidates for adoption.
There will no longer be the "art of home studies".  Home studies will follow a very strict set of rules.
Social workers will be held accountable  by law for misrepresentation, and will share in the responsibility if an adopted child is abused or harmed by a family the MLSW did a home study for and approved for adoption.
MLSW can not have any professional  or personal affiliations with any adoption agency
 Continuing education and updating licenses a must.
* The Adoption Agency's 
Too many agencies out there to begin with, flush away 3/4's of them, making them more competitive to do a better job for their clients, to work hard, to behave, and be held accountable.
Owners will not be able name their own agency's.
None of them will start with AAA or AA.
The agency name will not reflect any religious affiliation. How many people would adopt if the adoption agencies were called, "Disconnecting Hearts" or "Focus on the Cash" or 
"Stealing Kids"
The adoption agency's owners will also have to be educated and degreed, Master's in Child Psychology or equivalent. Nothing less.
No longer will any moron, be able to freelance an agency on the side.
Adoption agency owners will be sited for any illegal activity and will be striped immediately of their licence's and sentenced to prison for criminal conduct.
In-country facilitators will be held accountable and must be volunteers.
Adoption agencies will operate in one state only.


*Adopted Parents.
Stringent psychological tests for mother and father, other adults in home.
Stringent criminal background checks
Adhere to state laws with regard to adoption, make no exceptions.
Two child limit on adopted children.
No longer will religious child collectors be able to rack up adopted kids.
AP's will pay in full for 5 years of psychological sessions in advance for each child adopted.
If AP's have rid their home of a previously adopted child they immediately get thrown out.
Adoption agency owners cannot adopt.
Judges, and GAL's cannot adopt.
The goal is to weed out corrupt social workers and fly by night adoption agency owners and child collector AP's.  Set the bar high, so most fail at getting into the business.
I am willing to "spearhead" any of these changes.  They need to happen.  
 This is all not inclusive.
Going to post this and then "duck"!


I TOTALLY AGREE NOT ONE HUMAN BEING SHOULD MAKE ONE 1/2 of a cent every on having a child adopted (including parents placing children)  
your "Take GOD out of adoption." that would leave the socialist government is rather shitty in case you don't know, they already can't keep up with foster kids, many run away, many would have been better off left with who ever was watching them before the government took over
I am also actually in total agreement, children should not leave their home countries, help them where they are, this would stop a lot of trouble, stop international adoption ...
"If all these "do-gooders"really care about the welfare of children they will do it for free."  AMEN
"*  Ten year moratorium on International Adoptions into the U.S." how about forever????
" The Master's degree in Adoption practices." what would it be??? the attachment disorder shit flying around now????
"*Adopted Parents."
Stringent psychological tests for mother and father, other adults in home. parent paid... then wouldn't an industry for this start up, people can pass these and still be very bad parents, very bad adoptive parents
Stringent criminal background checks actually the National finger print thing works pretty good
Adhere to state laws with regard to adoption, make no exceptions. there are little state regs for parental placements, very hard to get around the other.... 
Two child limit on adopted children. Split sib group???? 
No longer will religious child collectors be able to rack up adopted kids.  Leave it to the government? them or high profit are the only ones left when you take the churchs out it would suck
AP's will pay in full for 5 years of psychological sessions in advance for each child adopted. would this be appropriate for an infant?  they'd probably be just fine without any therapy; do you have any idea how many quack therapies there are out there????? most push heavy meds....  can't kids just be kids?  do you know how much damage it does to a person in the USA medical record to go to therapy?  can keep them out of the military, make health insurance higher, etc.... 
I totally agree that money, the making of this needs taken out of the entire picture....   not making money off the adoption in any phase, not making money treating adoptive children or parents (the RAD cult issue)  ......  heck not even making money off of selling adoption books....

I Agree with Dop Chien

However, there have already been a drop off of 60 adoption agences in 2009 alone. 

Everyone seems to forget, Adoption agencies for the most part is a privately ran business.  Usually the owner is the Executive Director.  It is a business that is allowed to take a "non-profit" status along with the other advantages of charity or non-profits.

It is also an industry that has largely ran by self-regulation and loose lax laws especially in foreign countries.  It is no surprise that Ethiopia and Kazakhstan supply most of the children to the USA as both these countries barely have a central adoption authority in place.  Anything goes in these niche, poor countries where poverty is high and BRIBES even higher.

How is it that we trusted private companies to regulate themselves?  They don't even have a standard for fees they charge.  I really believe if they would all be required to charge the same amount there would be less need for fraud or competition.  All agencies should be on the same playing field with continuity. 

We have come a long way in just 5 years, there have been more lawsuits against these adoption agencies than every before.  But more change is needed.  It is unfortunate it takes a case of 16 Russian adoptees being killed by their adoptive parents, or the abuse or return of them to get people to take notice.  

I can only imagine good will come out of the past tragedies, agencies will be ACCOUNTABLE. 

For the adoption agencies like WACAP that made over $4 million in 2008 and the majority of your business is off of Russian Adoptions.  Too bad, you created the situation with your greed.  You can cry and wail that a shut down will only hurt "the child" or "good families that are willing to give love and care to a Russian Orphan"  but what it comes down to, these agencies only care that their Russian business is going to dry up and cause a financial hardship for them.

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