Dr Ipuri Raman Rao & Co

Dear readers,

I am let to believe that the above mentioned is a facilitator for indian adoption in the U.S .

He is trying to get extra ''business''  from other country. ie: ireland and other europeen countries,

We are seeking to adopt from India , and have been warned to stay away from Dr Rao, but we have no reel proof of his wrong doing.

What should we look out for , it seems to be honest , and wanting the best for the indian children.

what is really is link between him and IFI.?

Is there other (honest) facilitator , who are able to deal with Europeen countries?

The fees seems to be another problem, it goes from< $3500 to $17500 >( exc. travel and stay).

please let me know the good , the bad and the ugly.




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Dr Rao

I too would be very interested in any replies as we are hoping to adopt from India as well.



Some info on Raman Rao:

This apart, despite the July 2, 2004 CARA inspection report that says that the agency has
indulged in "unethical practices" and its "registration is not proper," its ICA licence was renewed
last month. The report also points to most children from the agency being sent to one
Washington-based agency, International Families Incorporated, whose executive director is
Mrudula Rao, mother of the treasurer of the Indian agency. E. Ramana Rao, the treasurer's
father, has donated "most of the funds to the agency," which is an "unethical practice," the
report observes.


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