Jennifer Haynes meets her long-lost brother

Date: 2010-03-16

Mayura Janwalkar

Mumbai: Jennifer Haynes, 28, who was deported to India abruptly in 2008, finally traced her roots after over a year-long search. She met her brother, Christopher, 24, who lives in Ambernath. But in the reunion there was no drama, no emotion.

“I felt nothing. Nothing hurts anymore. I only think of my kids,” Haynes said.

Haynes, a mother of two, was adopted by US national George and Melissa Hancox in 1989. Haynes, however, claims she had a rough childhood in 50 different foster homes and suffered sexual abuse. She was deported by the US immigration authorities as her citizenship formalities were not completed at the time of her adoption.

“My brother visited me in Chembur with his wife and child. He’s a tailor and they’re very poor,” said a stoic Haynes. “We do look alike. He never went to school and grew up on the streets. He still calls me Pinky,” Haynes said. Arguing before the court on Monday, her advocate Pradeep Havnur said Haynes’s mother had left her in the care of Clarice D’souza of the now defunct Kuanyin Charitable Trust for a few days and D’souza without authorisation from Haynes’s parents had given her away in a foreign adoption.

“My mother died in 2006 but my father is in an alcoholic rehabilitation center. I met my aunt who told me that he took to alcohol after I was sent abroad without his knowledge,” Haynes said.

Seeking the de-registration of the Americans for International Aid and Adoption that processed her adoption, Havnur said Haynes’s should be treated as a state guest as she does not have accommodation or a job here.

Additional solicitor general DJ Khambata said, “I wish we could have done that for millions of Indians too.”

Khambata told the court that the government was willing to help Haynes seek a US citizenship on humanitarian grounds. Justice FI Rebello and justice Amjad Sayed have directed Haynes to apply to the US authorities on humanitarian grounds in two weeks.


Jennifer's kids want their mother back

21 Mar 2010, 0932 hrs IST
TIMES NOW first showed you the story of Jennifer Haynes, who was sold to foreign parents at the age of 8 nearly 20 years ago and then deported to India in 2008 for having faulty adoption papers. Now, TIMES NOW has tracked her children in Chicago and they have just one wish -- to be reunited with their mother.

For over two years, Jennifer Haynes has been living alone in Mumbai. Jennifer's only demand is to go back home and be with her children. She says, "Everyday I am without my children. Everyday I struggle, sit at home with nothing to do. All this definitely hurts me."

Following her story, TIMES NOW went to meet her children back in Chicago. Six year old Kadafi and five year old Kassana live with their grandmother, while their father i.e. Jennifer's husband is away studying.

The kids have not seen their mother in close to two years, ever since she was deported and thrown out because the Adoption Agency -- Americans for International Aid and Adoption -- never bothered to get her paperwork right.

Her birth parents failed her and a flawed system too failed Jennifer. However, the children, who do not understand these legalities, just want their mother back. Kassana says, "I want mummy back. We miss her and love her."

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