Michael Pearl we are not laughing

When I read Michael Pearl's arrogant response to what he refers to as his "critics" http://pearlchildtraining.blogspot.com/2010/03/michael-pearl-laughs-at-c... yesterday, I became physically ill. I thought to myself, Michael Pearl is insufferable. How wrong to bring up the plastic whip, to relate it to his dogs and chickens, and children. He shows absolutely no remorse. No clarifications. Just arrogance. At first, I thought he will answer someday to his God, you know!

This morning when I awoke this was still on my mind. I thought to myself, how many more children must die because of this man who looks like Santa Claus, teachings? Then anger started to rise up in me. I thought, "You've got to be kidding me! The ONLY good citizens, the only good employers, the only good anybodies will be those trained by the Pearl method?"

Arrogance indeed. It would be pitiful if it weren't so deadly in its application. Because his arrogant confidence is what makes so many insecure parents believe he must be right, because he claims this is God's way.

A lot of laughing at the pearl home....funny, I don't hear the dead children laughing!

I entertained thoughts such as, "If I were to ever see him using that 1/4 inch plumbing supply line on a dog, I would choke him. And on a child?! Oh, he wouldn't be laughing ever again!"


I called the Paradise Police Department. I called the Butte County District Attorneys office. I told them about his laughing. I faxed Butte County District Attorney's office a copy of Pearls latest blog post. After several hours of chasing down what county in Tennessee he truly lives in and found that the Centerville, TN Sheriff office covers the area the Pearls live. Pearl ADMITS to beating his dog, they could at least arrest him for that. I spoke at length to the Deputy, educating him about Pearl, directed him to their own web site, he got online, was appalled, he claims he did not know about the Schatz case. I gave him the phone numbers of the Paradise PD and Butte County District Attorney's office.

"Even my chickens are laughing . . . well, actually it more like cackling, because they just laid another organic egg for my breakfast and they know that it was that same piece of ¼ inch plastic supply line that trained the dogs not to eat chicken...." Then, Michael Pearl has the audacity to advertise his
book , "Get your own copy of TO TRAIN UP A CHILD, and find out what all the squawking is about."

I am not naive. I know that one phone call will most likely not make Centerville, Sheriff do a thing. However, if anyone else that may be interested in "encouraging" the paradise Police and Butte County DA's office as well as Pearls hometown Sheriff department, here are the phone numbers for such "encouragement." There is strength in numbers. Let's see if we cannot, at least. close down Pearls for now for animal abuse. I know this is upside down, but, at least no more children would die. Maybe the Butte County DA can find someway to try the Pearls as an probable a case of "reckless homicide." Much like killing someone as a drunk driver. The perp didn't *set out* with the *specific goal* of killing someone, but the perp did voluntary did something that any reasonable person would know could cause a death, and someone ended up dead.

Town of Paradise Police

5595 Black Olive Dr
Paradise, CA 95969
530-872-6241 non-emergency

Butte County District Attorney's Office
Butte County District Attorney
25 County Center Drive
Oroville, California 95965


Michael Ramsey is the District Attorney

Phone Numbers:
Phone .......................(530) 538-7411
Fax .......................... (530) 538-7071

Centerville TN Sheriff 118 Church Street, Centerville, TN - (931) 729-6143


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